Yay! Trampoline day! This morning was totally unproductive. I was supposed to go to my dad's shop to help out and stuff, but I had to stay home and baby sit. Oh well. Today, I just stayed home, wandered around the house and watched Grey's Anatomy Season 3.
     At around 2:30 PM, I headed off to Erin Pang's house for a fun-filled day of trampolining. There was, of course, a trampoline, rock band, computer, piano, and fooooood. YUM. It was pretty fun. Jen and I left for a little to head off to Nob Hill. She bought Arizona and I got some sex in a cup (Peach Sorbet). While we were walking back, Allyson and her mom drove up in a car next to us and we talked for a little bit. It was pretty funny. Her mom was like "I can't miss an opportunity like this!" Her mom's funny, but I think she thinks I'm a creeper. O gosh. Anyways... After Erin's party, we just wen our separate ways.
     At 7:00 PM Kenny, Wilson and I went to Darren's house to rock band one last time before Darren goes to China. I MISS DARREN ALREADY! Tear. Rockband was fun.
     I don't understand how much damage one person can do to so many lives. I seriously hope you get pulled over by a cop for ILLEGALLY driving people around when you don't have a license let alone a permit. Why would you put the lives of the ones you love in jeopardy no matter how small a distance you are going? Think about it, if you get pulled over, you have to pay a fine, your insurance goes up, you don't get to drive till your 18, and your dad will be in deep shit. Seriously, I KNOW your doing this to become "cool" but seriously? I've never known such a selfish person before. You DUMBASS.

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