So, after I left, I headed over to MHS to meet up with Hieu. We watched the band kids march. Not bad I guess, but it's still their first day... After that, I went to the Optometrist and got my new glasses. OMG It makes me dizzy and feel tall. I don't like it but I know that I have to get used to it. Bleh. After, I drove my brother's home, and my mom took me to the Great Mall so I can do all that fancy phone stuff. Then we went home and I got ready to go swimming. I was like an hour late!
     So, when I got to the pool, Maggie and Remi wern't there so I had to go pick up Remi. Lol. We THEN went to the pool and swam a few laps and played some games. It was hecka crowded, there was a good amount of people. So anyways, after an hour, I got washed and changed and everything. OMG, so when I went back to that chair where I put my stuff at, I put on my old glasses and Gerald Fermin and his crew walked by me. RANDOM. LOL. I think I saw Randy's friends there too. Lol. Yea. Anyways, I drove Remi home and stayed for a bit for dinner. Then Maggie taught me how to make PURE Soy Milk. Yum! It's pretty easy. I'm excited to try it at home. She gave me some ingredients to try it at home.
     I left Remi's house around 9 and headed over to Kim's house. We chatted for a long time. OMG She called me a witch and wants to put garlic on her clothes... WEIRDO IM NOT A VAMPIRE. Anyways. We had hecka laughs that night. Then Trevor came and we went to YoSwirl. Yum. We talked for a bit and then went home at 10:30. I dropped off Trevor, then Kim. Now I'm home. Yay! Lol. Gosh I text too much. I have work early tomorrow! I wonder If I'm still hanging out with Axell tomorrow. I hope so, that'd be cool.

yoko furusho
I saw this picture on Kim's bed so I stole the URL. I really like it!

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