So after I blogged yesterday, Wilson IMed me and him and Darren decided to kidnap me. Oh gosh. So I showered and Darren came to take me away... But  drove. We went to Wingstop, saw Wilson, and watched the news about the No Hitter for Giants. Then when Wilson left, Darren and I waited for our food then also left.
     As we were driving, we passed a car and Darren was like "OMG NISSAN GT-R" so I drove back around chucked my camera at him and kicked him out to take pictures. LOL jk, he wanted to take pictures. As he was about to take some stalker pics, the owner of

the car walked out and Darren asked him if he could take pics and the owner was hecka chill about it. He even backed up the car and everything. Darren took so many pics but I think that only one came out really nice. That night blew Darren's mind. Lol.
    So we arrived back home turned on the sports news and ate our chicken. Good stuff. I kinda wanted more but I was so full after the meal, and I split it with Darren... Bleh. So yea, we just had a nice relaxing night and the guys left around 12 AM

Halo nerd
     So today, I had work. It was pretty easy and fun. Not bad I guess. After work, I went home watched Grey's and made friendship bracelets. Then I headed off to my cousin's house for his birthday party. It wasn't that fun so I left early and also took my Grandma home. Then Darren and Wilson decided to head over to my house. Wilson came first so we watched Grey's Season 3. Then Darren came and we just chilled for a little. They played Halo 3 as I was syncing my Ipod. YAY PARAMORE AND NO DOUBT! So after Halo 3, they got bored and we decided to play The Game of LIFE. We played 2 rounds. I got the crappy house the second time around but I also got a $100,000 salary card. YAY. First time, Darren won, second time I did. Poor Wilson, I seriously thought that he would've won second round but he got screwed over in the end when landing on all of those payment boxes. Lol. After LIFE, my family came home (around 11:30 PM) so we watched TV. We came across Mythbusters and they did an experiment on Popcorn so Darren started craving popcorn and I made some. Yum, satisfying. So the guys finally left at 12:30 AM or 1 AM I don't remember, around that time. Yup.

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