What should you do?

     So I went to Monday morning meeting today. It's the last one of the month. We started off with the usual workout then went straight into the meeting. It lasted about 2 hours and we were out by 11.
     When I got home, I went straight to nap. Boy was I tired. I woke up around 2 and got an IM from Darren who told me to go to band and visit. Just as I was getting ready, I got a text from Allan Dale asking if I could come in for a bit and sit at the front desk till Shelby came. So I went and sat there, it was really easy, I just sat there and read a magazine till Shelby and Patrick came. Then I left and went to go to visit the band.
     When I got there, Frank came up to me on his long board and accompanied me down to the field. He told me to get on the long board. At first I was scared of falling off, but I eventually gave in. I want to get myself a long board, I've always wanted to for the longest time but I never did. So I met up with Darren and we just talked till the band was done with practice. They uhh... Suck? Lol. After practice, we all went up to the band room and just chilled. Then I decided to meet Darren and Jesse at the basketball courts. Albert came with me who also gave me 2 popsicles. I'm not a FATTY! So I just shot some hoops for a bit but I didn't make any in. Then I decided to go home and rest up.
     I was SUPPOSED to make petite fours when I got home, but instead I went and played Resident Evil 5 with Michael. Chris and my sister were watching us. We got hecka far! It's pretty scary at times especially if you have no herbs or no more ammo. Sucks butt. I wish it had more puzzles and stuff though like the previous RE games. O well. We played till about 10 and I went online and did some cake research. Bed time for me.

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