I had work this morning. Not bad. I got stuck with all the beginner white dragons though. GG. I also yelled at Vishal today. Finally. For adults class, we had CARDIO! All staff had to do it, it was fun though. Very enjoyable. I'm glad we had cardio, I havn't worked out in such a long time! Today was also star of the month party so I went out and bought pizzas and drinks and stuff. Yum. I spent about $30 though. Bleh. The party was ok, nothing really special. Good thing it was a group of small kids though and not a giant group.
     Now I'm here waiting for time to pass by. I can't wait for the concert! I wish it was 5 PM already but it's only 4:12 PM. Darn. Oh wells. What should I bring? Blanket, fruit by the foot, camera, money, chicken katsu leftovers... I can't think of anything else to bring! Bleh.
     No I'm not mad at you. I just hate it when people do that to me. There's no point in bringing up a subject like that if you refuse to let me see it. I also hate it when people say "I have something to tell you, but I don't want to tell you." It's annoying right? Same as this one. Whatever, there's no point now, all you can do is just burn it and let the ashes fly through the air...

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