I like this shirt very much.

     I woke up at 8:30 today because my mom told me to babysit Remi and Wayne. Wayne is a little off the walls sometimes. I got frustrated with him. Remi and I also watched Thumbelina and Swan Princess. It makes me want to be a princess now! Tear, If only. I originally planned to go visit the band kids but because of the last minute "suprise" I guess I'll have to visit them later. It's almost 2:30 right now! Gahh. I'm gonna be a loner though. So this whole time, I've dedicated my life to texting. Yay! Haha, jk even though I'm at 122 texts. It would suck if my mom told me I didn't have unlimited anymore. Total FML moment there. Haha, but yea, YAY for unlimited! Woot.
     Gosh, I'm so bored. I want to get my new glasses today too! I'm waiting for my aunt to friken pick up her kids that she dropped off. Not Remi and Wayne, but Brandon, Vinny, Jennifer and Nicole. So many kids. Good thing Remi and Wayne left early. GOSH! I forgot! I;m going swimming with Remi today at 4! Bleh. So much to do, So little time... Maggie semi inspired me to eat healthy. She's gonna give me this recipe for soy milk. She said it's the best thing she's ever tasted because it's all natural soy bean, not that artifical crap people buy in the stores. Plus, you get triple the size of what you buy too! YESH. She told me about the $500 Jamba blender. She said it's a miracle worker and it's money well spent. If only my mom would pay that much... That's as much as my old flute. Lol. I should just sell my flute to get a new blender. Haha,just kidding, no one would want to buy it anyways. It's all old and rustyish. Maybe I'll visit them now?

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