i love you
Aww... Thanks iKevyFTW! I LOVE YOU TOO!

Today, I
-Worked for my dad for a little
-Played OMGPOP with Kenny. Omg I suck at the monkey game
-Went home to sleep
-Woke up from Shelby's call because she said Allan Dale was going CRAZY
-Felt like a super hero
-Lent my sister my car and now I'm in trouble.
-Taught a new white belt. She's awesome!
-Took black belt class. We're doing NHB again
-Didn't go to Hello Desserts. Tear
-Got a new phone(env3) PLUS unlimited texting!
-Decided on who I'm going to marry. This guy from PCI <3 lalaloove!
-Fell in love with this guy's voice (youtube on the bottom)
     -Banhzaii <3

Wilson Cheah: started feeling emotions swelling up

Sexy, Ain't it?
    I think tomorrow I will visit marching band

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