I wrote this Technically yesterday, so pretend it's 08/04/09. Today was actually a pretty good day. I had a wierd ass dream and woke up at around 8. Then as I was trying to go back to sleep, my mom called me. Perfect timing. She told me that I had to go to my dad's shop at 11. Darn, my plans with Kenny were soiled... Anyways, I went back to sleep and woke up at 10 AM. Then Kenny and I talked on AIM and decided that we'd go get some Jamba at 10:30 AM. So yea, I picked him up and headed off to Jamba. Kenny got a Strawberries wild while I got the banana one that he always gets. It taste exactly the same! Kenny paid because we had that buy one get one free promo coupon.
     Anyways, after Jamba, I went to my dad's shop and help clean a bit then used the computer b/c my dad was out on a road service call. He came back about an hour later and I left and got some free tacos at Jack in the Box. Then I went to an eye doctor appointment. I'm getting new frames! Yay! I'm excited for it. Lol. So yea, after my eye appointment, my mom took my brothers and I to more Jack in the Box for those free tacos. I have to admit, those taste really good! After I got home after getting 16 free tacos, I went to take a nap.
     I woke up at the usual time and got ready. I honestly thought it was Saturday when I woke up, what a good nap. Work was pretty good today. I taught Carly and Khobie, the new white belts and I made Khobie's parent's laugh! YESH. Score! Lol. I think Carly liked me too, which is good. After that class, I had to man the front because Mariah wasn't there. I signed up 3 people to boot camp and sold stuff. Not bad, I only wish Mariah was there to do her job... Bleh, I think I do it better than her anyways. So yea, I took class today! Kenny and Wilson Yu were there to watch me. Class was fun. We did MMA and then we did SKITS. Haha. We're such dorks. It was fun though. After class, I closed out and took my brother to Jack in the Box for MORE TACOS.
     As we were waiting in line to pick up our order, my aunt, Thomas and David came. LOL. Random. We left after they finished ordering. It took forever.. Omg. So yea, now I'm here. I just finished talking on the phone with Frank. He's a really deep person, I like having conversations with him. We try not to talk about other people but it's inevitable. We talk about ideas we have and stuff, it's really neat. You should try it someday.

Kenny Ngo: haha i like to be black

Kenny Ngo: hehe sorry i was pumping my balls up

Wilson Cheah: i wish i got tacos...

They are all so wierd...

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