So today, Darren came over to pick me up around 9:30 but my sister took my car so we had to wait for her to come home so I could get my stuff from my car. We waited hecka long so we decided to go to Wilson's to pick him up then we came back home. My sister finally showed up though. Finally. Lol. So yea we showed up about an hour late. SORRY ALBERT don't kill me. I felt so bad, I brought him a cantaloupe! So we left a couple minutes later and we were on our way to Monterey.

     So at Monterey we immediately got comfortable in our lodge. It's small but it's nice and cozy. Like a mini home. So after we got settled in, we got ready to head out for some lunch. We had to choose between Thai Paradise or International Cuisine but since Albert met a girl from Drum Major camp who works at International Cuisine, we chose to go there instead. So we decided to walk there and everything. Once we got to the restaurant area, Albert was like "Let's go in there guys, I've been there before". But we were like "Noo we need to find International Cuisine".

     Ironically enough, the restaurant Albert chose WAS International Cuisine. We stayed there for about an hour and a half. The service was great. We were immediately greeted with friendliness. We ordered a family New Yorker pizza, Lasagna and 4 cheese ravioli. Yum. After the pizza arrive, Albert's friend, Kristen, arrived. She's really nice and funny. Go Albert! Haha. So after lunch, we decided to go grocery shopping. We took a scenic route to Nob Hill. After we bought all our ingredients and stuff, I got free matches from the cashier because I was 18. Yeayuhh! Haha. So we left for about a minute and we came back because our bag ripped and it cracked the salsa container. Bleh. We got a brand new salsa free of charge though. Yay!

     After Nob Hill, we walked back home. Lunch was really enjoyable. When we got back to the lodge, we chilled and watched some youtube. Haha. We're such dorks. We then decided to watch Apocalypto. Omg. That movie is so random and so gory... After the movie it was dinner time so Dinh and Angela made spaghetti for us to eat.

     I pre popped popcorn and seasoned it while setting up the fruit salad. Yum watermelons and cantaloupe. We all pitched in with dinner all together, but Dinh and Angela did the most. Thank you! It tasted so good! After our wonderful dinner, we just watched Chronicals of Narnia and now I'm here. Not much to do at this time.. Its 1:47 AM and we're all half awake plus watching CSI plus doing random stuff. Haha. Maybe I'll upload pics later.

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