So after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. I went to band. Omg, that movie is so cute! The guy is sexy with his accent. Yesh!
     So I met up with Darren and Wilson at band. Wilson's mom did a drive by and gave us ice cream! Yay! Haha. We just chilled around after and hung out with some of the bandies. We stayed there till practice was over. After practice, Dee Jay wanted to longboard with us so Wilson, Darren and I went over to Frank's with Dee Jay. We went around to a lot of places. We first started off with the hill that I first inured myself at. Then we went down a straight street and Frank hella ate it! It was pretty bad. His whole arm was bloody. He just reopened his scab.... Gross.
     It's alright though. We just went back to his place to get bandaids, then he was back on his feet ready to go. So we walked/boarded all the way to Jessica Lim's neighborhood and went down those hills. I thought I was gonna hella eat it, but I didn't! I survived! Yesh! Anyways, after a long while of boarding, I went to Jessica's house to get a bandaid for Frank. Then we left and went home because it was getting late.
     So yea, I'm at home now, Frank was serenading me earlier. He's hecka funny at singing.... ANYWAYS. Night

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