This whole day of going out made me realize what a great team I have. It made me appreciate all the times we share with each other because those times are priceless. I spent almost the whole day with my team mates and support team. We went to Sea Cliff beach and the parents made us some delicious food, although it was mainly a potluck party. We all chilled and talked, went down to the water and got pretty soaked, and also played some beach volleyball and twister. This day was extremely fun. I was so glad that it's not a training, I don't think I'll be able to run in the sand like how I used so. I'm so out of shape... A lot of us joined the "5 more steps!" game. We eventually got soaked while some completely dunked in water. We also tried to dig tunnels in the sand, but the water kept killing it, I guess it's not meant to be...  After that, we played beach volley ball with the whole team and parents. It was really fun with no point keeping. I got some pretty good shots. It made me realize how much I miss playing volley ball. Volleyball anyone? Sadly enough, the net kept falling so we eventually gave up. We just chit chatted and pulled out the twister which was really fun. We're going to construct a massive ultimate twister game which more colors, shapes and body parts. This'll be interesting. Although this day was cloudy, we kept our heads above the water and hoped for the best, eventually the sun gave up and came out behind all of those clouds. There was so much to eat! Burgers, beef dogs, fruits, brownies, chips, etc. Thank you parents and teammates who brought food! I promise I'll make you guys petite fours, just for you guys! I love my team and I wouldn't change anything about them. We all are a loving and caring group of people, we're so close that it doesn't matter what skin color you are, we're all the same; martial artist.
     The day didn't end there of course. At 4, we headed out and I went back to Kim's place. I spent the rest of the night mainly with Kim. I love Kim so much. I love how she's my best friend and if we havn't seen each other in forever, we can pick up a conversation so fast it's like we've seen each other every day. Kim, Patrick, Allan Dale and I went to watch Ponyo after the beach. It was originally my whole team watching Time Traveler's Wife, but they were all tired so we delayed that for a different day. Pony was pretty good. It's very cute and G rated. After the movie, Allan Dale went home to rest while Patrick, Kim and I went to Hello Desserts. Kim and I ordered the 3 scoop Gelato while Patar ordered the Chubby Bunny. So yummy and filling. We just talked for a bit and went our seperate ways. I drove Kim home, and now I'm here. Fun day, fun day.
Kenny Ngo
8/17/2009 07:17:49 am

hahaha it kinda looks like you just fell asleep while blogging x].


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