The day started off with work. It was color belt testing so it was nice and easy. OMG The She Devil showed up today too! Haha. Oh wells. Everything went smoothly. First group was the Dragons, second was the beginner belts and third were the advance/intermediate belts. When the third test came around, I was called into the office to talk to Shelby and she was talking about how Mariah doesn't do her job. There is a missing T-Shirt that Shelby JUST got yesterday and saw it. She gave it to Mariah and now doesn't know where it is. The thing with the shirt was that it was ordered about a month ago and it finally came in and the mom is so pissed that it hasn't came in yet. Also, Mariah didn't close out and she never does her job. Ughh. We need to fire her and hire Kim!
     After color belt test and graduation, I took Kevin home and we went to Daiso, Yogurtland and to his Ex's going away party. Omg! Kevin and I had an EPIC FAIL moment. We were trying to fly a kite but there was no wind, so we kept on trying and trying but we finally just gave up. Bleh. Lol. It was so hot too! We were at the park and I was wearing jeans because Kevin didn't tell me that it was at a park. JERK. So when we got back to the club house, Chris (Ex) was talking to this guy on the phone and apparently his car broke down and he needs to jumpstart it. Luckily, I was the only one with cables in my car. THANK YOU DAD! And we went out looking for this guy. So when we find him we jumpstart his car (twice) and we were on our way back. Apparently, he hecka missed the street. No Comment. Anyways, we get back to the clubhouse and chill some more. Then we have cake and leave. It's funny because one of Kevin's friends (girl) thinks I'm hecka cute! Lol. I'm attracting the same sex now.
     After the party, we stop by Falafel Drive In and Kevin paid back the money. What a good child. We also ordered one large falafel sandwhich to share between us. While we were driving back, Kevin was feeding me. LOL. Good Times with the cousin.
     After I dropped him off home, I went to go pick up Axell for our hang out day. After I pick up Axell, we go to Allyson's house to get some loaf pans because I wanted to make Petite Fours. Yum. So as we're exiting Allyson's street, Axell was like, "Hey, Frank still has your TOFU" and I was like OMG I NEED TO GET IT! So Axell shows me how to get there and we call up Frank and get him to come back. Haha, sorry Frank, I offered you a ride back up to the hills but you said no.... Not my fault.
     When I got home, I was expecting to bake but I forgot that I had a dinner party at my house, so my parents were using the oven and everything. DARN. So anyways, Axell and I chill in my room for a bit, then I take my brother to Best Buys to get Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. We had to buy everything Individual. OmG. So much money, seriously. But anyways, I see Resident Evil 5 and I bought it! Haha. The guy at the register was hecka nice. He was like, "Resident Evi 5 is such an awesome game" Lol. I can't wait to play it. Excited! So when we get back to my house, I introduce Axell to the world of Nazi Zombies. LOL. Fun fun.
     So we get bored after a while and I call up Darren to go play basketball. So I get changed, take Axell home to get changed and then we head over to the basketball courts in Gill. Darren and Alex Tu were there shooting hoops. So we're just playing around, shooting hoops and Axell and I decide to play a game. We just shoot continuously at the 3 point line and whoever makes it, the other person has to do 10 pushups each. It's funny because at first we couldn't make it, then Axell made the first shot, then I made 5 shots and we couldnt make anymore shots after that. Then we switch places and Axell makes 2 more. LOL. So many pushups for him. Hecka funny. Anyways yea. We played "Axell" afterwards, I guess another Version of Horse. Alex loss first, then me, then Axell. Obviously Darren was the winner. Lol. After that, Axell and I head over to Jen's house.
     When we get to Jen's house we just chill and talk for a little. Then we eat dinner, talk some more then I had to take Axell home.
     After I dropped him off, I went to Darren's house to go to Eugene's going away party. It was random. I was hecka tired too! So Darren and I talk to Wilson, then we ended up Skyping with him. LOL. Eventually everyone else found out that we were Skyping and joined us. Ugh so tired. Now I'm at home and I can finally Sleep because I finished blogging. NIGHT. Pics up later.

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