Yesterday was the Jack's Mannequin and The Fray concert! So Saturday morning, I had to wake up early to go to work around 9 AM. I got there at 9 and kinda did nothing because Allan Dale wasn't there. I kinda cleaned and reorganized stuff, but that's mainly it. When Allan Dale came, we just talked about stuff. It was a good chat. Classes weren't that bad. I don't remember much but yea. Lol. It ended around 1 PM. I felt like SOMEONE was complaining too much because she didn't have to work that day and yet the phone was ringing, so I had to pick it up. Even though you're not working, can you at least pick up the phone? It's not that hard, and plus, it's what you do anyways when you DO work. After the adults class, she was helping some people out with merchandise I think and she was cleaning up ready to go when there was a parent standing there waiting to get some help so I kinda was like, "Hey sir, do you need help with anything?" and he's like, "Yes, I want to know how much it'll cost, etc." and I was like O, Mariah? And she totally was like *sigh* -_- Pout. Kinda thing. I mean, if you're not gonna work, then don't show up, especially in your uniform. Plus you can't expect Allan Dale and I to know all this stuff especially if we're strictly on the floor.
Kenny's Wife
    Anyways, enough of that sad stuff. I went home, cleaned a little and got ready for the concert. I had so much time left so I went to sleep for a little, then Kenny showed up first and Darren came like half and hour later. So after Darren came, we took off in my car and went to Subway. After Subway, we went back to Darren's place for some refreshments and we were on our way.

     Friken Darren scared me like a million times while I was driving. I made so many lane changes even though I didn't have to because it merged anyways. Lol. Funny. When we got there, parking was quick and fast, and then we walked to the ampitheather. When we got there and in, we immediately went to buy some shrits. The wait in line felt like forever! It was hecka slow! But we made it eventually. I bought a black "The Fray" shirt with concert dates on the back and a dark blue "Jack's Mannequin" shirt. Kenny bought this really nice "Jack's Mannequin" jacket. I'm so jealous, it looks hecka nice. After that, we walked around and found our seats. We sit pretty close!! :] The guest band was Vedera! Kenny's in love with the lead singer. Lol. It's hecka funny. She's pretty good actually. I need to look her up.

    After Vedera, we just chilled for a bit. Kenny and I made a bet to see which band is opening next. I said Jack's Mannequin but Kenny thought that The Fray was gonna go. During that time, I was texting Jenann with Darren's phone because she was there also! She said that Jack's Mannequin was gonna go up next. Who ever lost the bet, the other person has to be their slave for a day during band camp. In the end, I of course won. Kenny's gonna be my SLAVE! YESH. Anyways, Jack's Mannequin has so much energy performing. It was pretty good! I didn't know all of the songs, but I sang along to a few of them. I took hecka pics thanks to my amazing camera.

     When Jack's Mannequin was finished, Jenann and I met up for a little and chilled and stuff. I brought her over to our place and then she had to leave. By then, The Fray was about to begin. They had everything set up. Kenny had pretty good seats! Next to 2 girls, who looked bored the whole concert. Lol. The Fray was alright. I expected more introduction to the songs than constant singing. They kept singing and singing. But yea, not bad. I have to say that after that No Doubt concert, my expectations are pretty high now. But yea, the main focus on that concert is to just spend time with Darren and Kenny and Wilson's spirit. Every minute spent with you guys are unredeamable, I will cherish every moment of it. After the concert, Kenny wanted to buy A Fray shirt, so we waited in lines again, which took forever, but we good the goods we were waiting for. It was worth the wait.

    We then took some last minute pics of the Ampitheater and walked to the parking lot. Getting home wasn't that bad. I'm glad Darren was there to guide me. Stupid elephant's memory... When we got back to Milpitas, we didn't want to go home just yet so Darren called Albert and asked if we could come over, which we did. We talked/messed around for 45 minutes. It was fun. We left around 12:45 AM and I took them back to my place as they left. That was a pretty fun night!
     I miss Wilson! I think we all do! Weesonaa I can't wait till you come back! Don't forget to TOKBOX with us!

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