I didn't get much sleep last night. I slept around around 12 to 1 AM and Kenny called me around 1:45 AM but I don't remember that phone conversation that much. I was also awakened by Clover's obnoxious barking because my sister just arrived home that morning, not too happy.
     As I was laying in bed overhearing all the details in my head on what happened, all I could think of was Why? She was crying in her boyfriend's arm trying to explain the situation to my mom.
     My sister had recently been back from a friend's party but she left with an unexpected surprise. She found out that someone had stolen her Burberry Purse and it contained her wallet with her credit cards and her cell phone.
     I absolutely Hate liars and stealers. I don't understand why they exists because there is no point in what they do.
     I believe that my sister didn't deserve that. She has been a giver in my family. She spends her money on us, buying us junk food, renting movies, and buying clothes. Whatever you wanted, she'd get it for you. Maybe this is a sign telling her to not spend so much money. I don't know, but what I do know is that she doesn't deserve this. If anyone, I did. I'm the one being mean to other people and being straight up with them whether they liked it or not, but a lot of bad karma hasn't blown my way, I hope it stays that way too. But yea. As I was laying in bed, thoughts appeared in my mind. I honestly wanted to grab my sister's hand, drive her to the BITCH that stole her shit's house, castrate them (thanks to Wilson Cheah) and maybe drive my car into their house. But I didn't do that for many reasons, one being the fact that my sister's boyfriend drove back to her friend's house that night and was searching for her purse which was then found well hidden in the laundry room. I'm happy that she has a boyfriend that cares so much for her. At first I didn't like him, but as long as he keeps her happy, that's all that matters. She deserves someone in her life that will seriously care for her no matter how gross and smelly her room is. Lol. I swear that if he beats my sister, he'd get one hell of a beating.

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     So we just came back from San Luis Creek. It was nice but boring. All I did was swim for a little, cut my foot, eat food (unappetizing) and played the DS. So productive huh? I wish I had cousins that were older and a lot more fun and active and stuff. We'd be playing beach volleyball or football or something. OMG Hot bodies everywhere! And I don't mean gross sweaty fat old man bodies, I mean hot, good looking, chisiled abs guy body! It was a nice view. Lol. The lake was boring though and Clover met tons of new dogs, one tried to run him over because it was so huge.
     Omg! Fireworks! It's rght in my backyard! At first I was like. Oh.. fireworks, but now I'm like WOW! So pretty. I wish I could watch them with someone though. Someone special. But anyways, I'm all gross and disgusting, I need to shower.
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