I'm at Darren's house right now. (12 AM) Wilson and Darren are having a Drum Battle. LOL. Omg That movie was good! Go watch it. Wilson seemed to enjoy it a lot, not because of the girl but because it had so many back to back sexual inuendos! LMAO.
     So after the movie, Wilson and I went to Ohana's in Pacific Commons to meet up with Kenny, Darren, and his family. Yum Chicken Katsu. After, we went back to Darren's place and played rockband. Funny. When Kenny was about to leave, Auntie pulled out FONDUE! Haha. What fatasses. Darren, Kenny AND Wilson had fondue covered cookies. Wilson also tried a cheese ball in fondue. Yum? Lol. When Kenny was walking out the door, Darren pointed out that there was a frog and Kenny tried getting it, but since it was dark, he couldn't tell if it was a frog or not until he tried catching it. It was so funny because it was actually a Cockaroach! LMAO. But yea, there really was a frog which was in the flower pot. Kenny caught it and it kept trying to run away. He eventually let it go though. It was a sad moment, not because of the frog but because that was probably the last time that Kenny would see Wilson. Actually, it wasn't that sad just really funny. They did a random group hug thing. Haha. So yea, Darren and Wilson are battling it out. Their first game, The both got 96% and Darren got a bigger note streak, but Wilson won with the points because of all of the star power he used. Now they're playing I'm Gone, I'm Going by Leslie Roy. Let's see who wins. Lol. It seems as if Darren is in the league right now. Haha, Darren won of course. Now they want to play Prequel To the Sequel. This will be interesting. I'll post up pics when I get home. Paramore Concert Tomarrow!!!

Wilson Cheah
7/25/2009 07:42:26 am



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