Today I was out of it, mostly because I was tired. So I do the usual as I wake up then do some laundry while watching Grey's season 4 and making friendship bracelets. I'm getting better at it! Then at 11:30 AM I decide to go to my dad's shop to help him out and stuff. Then when I finished, I picked up Jen, drove her brother to their Milpitas house, then headed over to Allyson's place. We got the windows done! We didn't do much there. Just windows and some closet. I also picked up Dee from Jen's house and we went to the Great Mall to collect more boxes. The boxes were larger this time so we were able to fit 3 large boxes in my car. So hazardous. Oh well. When we came back, more cleaning plus looking for Sapphire. I hope she didn't run away. So, I got home around 5 PM and started watching Grey's and making friendship bracelets. This season IS pretty boring. Then Hieu called me and wanted to come over but I didn't want company over. Sorry Hieu.

     You know, no matter how much you guys apologize, it still hurts that you said it, but I'm pretty much over it. I can't let comments like that affect me. I know that it was a joke to you guys and you probably didn't mean it, but you guys don't mean a lot of things, does that mean you don't mean it when you apologize? I guess it affected me so much because I'm not used to you guys making fun of me. Well like I said, I'm over it. I know this won't affect our friendship because we're such a tight group and we hold such a close bond. I can't stay mad at you guys forever. Sorry for making the night shitty.

Wilson Yu: you're one of the funniest people ive ever met
Haha.. Thanks cousin...?
" Today, as I was biking home, I high fived all the tall weeds along the side of the road, pretending that I had just won the Tour de France and they were cheering fans. It made the bike ride seem more
exciting. MLIA "

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Half Priced Books

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