I woke up this morning on the couch as the T.V was playing a show on Nick Jr. Wow, my sister didn't turn off the T.V. Waste of electricity. The last thing I remember before sleeping was going downstairs because it was too hot, eat some chips, and dozing off while my sister was watching T.V. Next thing I know, it's 6 AM and the T.V is still on as my mom comes down and asks if I was watching T.V the whole time downstairs. After that encounter, I go back to my room and resume sleep.
     I wake up at 8:30 AM to get ready for that De Anza placement test. So ridiculous. I get ready and I head out to Kevin's to pick him up. He gave me directions to De Anza. Thank goodness. When we got there, he took me to the building and there was a line! It was a pretty good line too. I'm glad that Kevin was with me because I'd probably be lonely and bored and lost. The math section of the test wasn't that hard. I don't know if he gave me the right test though. The english part took forever. 40 questions is a lot after a while. Anyways, when I was finished, I got a text from Kevin saying "Herpes is here". LOL. Kevin was waiting for me outside and took me to the table where I can get the orientation dates. All of them are full! Pooey. The girl said to try and come in anyways. So after I got the dates, Kevin and I walked out and saw Herpes. I think it was her, I wasn't paying attention.
     When I got to the parking lot, I went to pay for a parking pass but I didn't even need it and I already paid. Waste of 2 dollars. Anyways, Kevin lead me towards Yogurtland. Not bad I have to admit. I love the cups and the spoon. I stole a cup. Shh... I also took home a pink spoon. It's hecka cute! Yogurtland is actually right next to Merlion! We were going to visit Jessica Lim but we didn't know if she was working today or not. After Yogurtland, we went to Falafel Drive in. I'm so glad Kevin was with me! When we ordered two large sandwiches but didn't have enough money to pay. Oops... We were down $3.50 but the lady said to just pay her back another time. She's hecka nice. I guess also because our food was already done. Kevin said he'll pay her back. The falafel sandwich was made hecka quickly! It was so delicious and tasty. This place is really popular by the way. I'm such a messy eater. The sandwhich was too big to fit in my mouth so it kept spilling everywhere. FAIL. This place is bomb though, I want to come back.
     After Falafel drive in, I took Kevin to Jack in the Box for FREE TACOS. Yum, then I drove him home. What an adventure. When I got home, I relaxed for a bit and then took a nice long nap. I went to work at 5 today. It was an alright day. Pretty easy I guess. For blackbelt class, we did NHB. Good thing Kim was here to be my partner! I love her so so much! After class, I drove my brother and Kim to Jack in the Box for some more Free tacos. Yum. I drove my brother home, then drove Kim home. When I got home, I ate two tacos, showered and now I'm here.
     I wanted to watch the meteor shower with Darren and Kenny, but you know, other people are just more important than your best friends...


Today, I was watching TV when a commercial for Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara came on. I laughed when they said "vibrations make it better." I laughed harder when they said "no hand can do that." MLIA

Kenny Ngo: i like big long bananas
Nice one Kenny...

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