" I always hope for the best.
Experience, however, has taught
me to expect the worst.
- Garak from DS9

          Wilson Yu: oo sex
     My friends are Hilarious
          Kenny Ngo: i have a leopard skin boxer
          Kenny Ngo: but really it was dirty

     Today, I woke up to the annoyance of my sister's phone alarm that she put in her bathroom. I forced myself to get out of bed because I absolutely cannot sleep with that racket on. As I went back into bed after completing that mission, I was unable to fall back asleep.
     My family and I went to Pho today, like always. We also went grocery shopping and then back home. Maggie, Remi's mom, called me and asked me if I wanted to go swimming with Remi, I agreed and then went to her house and headed off to the pool.

     When we got there, it was completely empty. We had the pool to ourselves. Kinda, another family of 3 were there also but they left earlier than we did. We swam for about two hours and had a "tricks" competition. It was pretty fun. I tried to make a beard out of the bubbles from the hot tub. Haha. Yeaa.
After Swimming
     Afterwards, Remi wanted to get Jamba Juice so then we showered, got changed, then headed out. We both ordered an Original Strawberries Wild. Then we both headed back to my house and now we having a house party. It's alright. I had to go to Kenny's house to put games in this R4. KENNY I want to see your room!! Quel Jerk. Nice house Kenny. After Kenny's I went to the basketball courts to see Wilson and Hieu. Brian, Steven, Jay, Sishey, Andrew, and Linh were there. I think there was more, but I don't remember who else. Oh well. Suprisingly, I'm blogging this in the Daytime. Well not really, more like nightish sorta. It's 7:35 PM right now.
     YES! I have 25 new songs for Kenny. I hope he likes it! I think I'll make myself a copy for the road.

" Today, Calvin told my brother and cousin about Mylifeisaverage.com. Now they can't stop talking about it. GODDAM YOU CALVIN! " MLIA

          BUTitsMEEjessica: go wash your leapord boxers
          Kenny Ngo: they aren't dirty -_-
          Kenny Ngo:
i haven't worn them in forever