I woke up at 8:30 today when Kenny called me. It was the first official day of band camp and for once, we were on the other side looking in. I got ready and gathered all of my belongings and headed out around 9:30. Once I arrived there, I walked to the band room just as the band geeks finished their warm up lap. As I walked in looking for Darren or Kenny, I was surprised when two people hugged me from behind. It was Jen and Allyson of course! I wandered my way back into the band room and joined the rest of the guys; Kenny, Darren, Matt P, Alan Berryhill, and Perry. We talked for what almost seemed like forever but ended up being about an hour or so. What a long day it's gonna be I thought to myself. I have to admit that I was pretty bored and tired when the guys were chatting. Alan Hsu later joined us but didn't stay for long. I got so bored that posed a solution to the boredom; go play at Edgies or go to my house and play Nazi Zombies. Darren, Kenny and I ended up agreeing to go back to my place. As Darren and I were walking to our cars, Perry was following us, I think he wanted me to invite him. Oops...
     Well I got home first and made some pancakes. Then Kenny showed up and we talked for a little. I showed him this awesome website! It's called Cakejournal It's this blog site where this lady also shows her creations and how she makes it and stuff. It's pretty amazing! I think she's from Denmark so all of her ingredients are by weight. But it's alright because she has really good tips and everything. Anyways, Darren arrived a little late because he went to run some errands and buy himself Panda Express. When he finally arrived, we turned on Nazi Zombies and started playing. When Darren and Kenny played, they got really far and had some pretty good techniques but they eventually died. Nazi Zombies is so fun! By the time it was 1:40 PM, we left the house and headed back towards school.
     When we arrived at school, we were expecting sectionals but Mr. Kaldy was just running them through pep band music. They have Hot 'N Cold by Katy Perry! Haha, funny. No offense, but they sound pretty bad. They had sectionals at 2:30 which was fun. I met Vincent's sister and another guy flute. They had to fill out this paper thing so I guess they can share with each other later. It was fun I have to admit. After sectionals, Kaldy just showed them some stuff on the internet and stuff like that. I had to leave at 3:20 PM for work though, so I didn't stay the whole day.
    Work was pretty easy, except the advanced dragons. I had Kyle, Krishnaa and Vishal (OMG). Kyle is good, but he talks a lot. Krishna is good but the other two are hold him back, and Vishal? I don't know what to say about him. I guess that he's just not of my favorite students to teach. I easily get frustrated with him. Besides that class, the other's went well and smooth. It was pretty good I must admit. Michelle bought us Jamba Juice! Yay! I got to teach the candidates too. Well not really "teach" but more of review. I had fun with the candidates. After OJ showed up, I left and talked to Darren for a little because he showed up to visit me. He was on the phone with Wilson when I saw him. I miss you WILSON! After that, we both just went home. At home, I just relaxed for a little and went on the computer.
     By the time it was 7:30 PM, I was heading out the door to take my brother to blackbelt class where I was going to run through the 1st degree black belts with kicks and stuff. I actually had a lot of fun teaching them. I got them to be loud for the most part, and now they know their curriculum, or they should've gotten the gist of it. I don't know why OJ is always complaining about them. They're only human, just like him. Whatever, I don't even want to talk to him. Sadly today though, I didn't go to Patty's. Tear. It's alright, next time for sure. I just stayed home and relaxed and finally went to bed.
Wilson and Allyson
     So today, Kenny called to wake me up so we can go jogging. I did the usual then headed off to the track to jog. When I got there, Kenny was stalking me in his car! Creeper. Anyways, we were at the track for the longest time ever. We saw Hieu and Steven and Allyson, who came late. So we were sitting there and sitting there, till it was almost 10 AM and Wilson hadn't arrived yet. So then I decided to just continue running without him. So Kenny, Allyson and I both started running on our own. Allyson ran one lap. It's alright Allyson, your body isn't used to the physical fitness. Wait till Marching Band!
     Anyways, as I was running, I kept thinking OMG I HATE RUNNING my legs were sore and I was out of shape, but that didn't stop me. I kept reminding myself that I need to get back into shape. I can't stop because I never did stop to begin with.
     So, with that mindset, I made it to the finish line. Probably not as fast as I would hope, but I made it and I'm proud. I plan to run at least 3 days a week.

     Ok, I'm gonna skip some things.. uhh, Steven wrapped my tennis racket, I went to Jamba, saw Jen and the guys... Anyways.
     Allyson and I went to her house and ate and watched some of her asian drama, then Maggith and Perry came and we started to clean. I taught Allyson how to do the laundry. She has so many loads of clothes. Oh gosh, we got pretty far though, we cleaned out the bookshelf, cleaned more of her floor and under her bed and some of her closet. Allyson has so many books it's crazy. Allyson's mom sent us out to get boxes from groceries and stuff so we went all over the place to find boxes. We couldn't get any so we just went to Save Mart and got some, Safeway, and FedEx. We got so much that my car was filled! I was scared to drive back to her house because I couldn't see the back, but we made it back alive then headed out to Tapioca Express after dropping off our load. When we got back to her place, we started cleaning more, putting all the books in the boxes, we used 10 boxes. OMG. Then we finished cleaning most of her room. Her mom made us dinner so we stayed and ate dinner. SO YUMMY. I was full but I kept wanting more. It was addicting. We also watched more of her Drama. OMG I love the cousin, I wish I could marry him (from the drama). Allyson taught me how to make a friendship bracelet! Yay! I'm gonna make one for everyone now! Lol. I'll try to learn new patterns too when I get alot better. But yea.
     After Allyson's house, Perry and I went to Eugene's place and played more munchkin with Callum and Todd. That was basically my day. Not much when I got home. But yea. Byee.


Wow.. Look what Daniel said...

          Daniel Nguyen: it's still hard for me to picture you angry
          Daniel Nguyen: my idea of you being angry right now would
                              be you singing at me
Haha, He is so wrong...

Jack's Mannequin

     My mom woke me up today around 8 AM to wait for the repair man to leave. I didn't even have to wake up, he left before she did. Wow. Anyways, I just downloaded music and stuff. Oh, I bought The Fray and Jack's Mannequin Concert tickets today! I'm gonna go with Kenny and Darren also!

The Fray
     At 10:30 AM I went to school, I had to drive back home to get Steven's jacket for him because he keeps telling me to give it back. So I finally did. I also went to school to give out Choco Chip Muffins. Yum. Jen and the guys seemed to really like it. So I hope it tastes really good. I wish it was fluffier. So I drove Wilson and Steven home today and ended up going home. I finished re burning Kenny's CD and decorating the CD and it's case and stuff. Hecka cute.
     Around 1 PM, I took a really long nap, I had nothing else to do. Then at 5 PM, I headed off to work. Work was easy and fun today. I gave some of my muffins to Allan Dale. Shelby went home sick today so Allan Dale let me hang with him just in case the phone rang. It only rang once surprisingly. It was a good day though, I only taught the adult class, Cosmo and Malcolm. We did sticks.
     I left work when black belt class started because I was going to go play Munchkin at his house but he didn't come home till late so I just chilled at Kenny's house. OMG he didn't pick up his phone so I was unsure of coming over. Jerk. So I went over to his house anyways and he was there! We went to his room, chatted a little, then made a list of things he needs for his dorm. I wish I could remodel his room but they might sell the house. So yea. Sad.
     Around 10 PM I picked up Hieu and headed off to Eugene's house. We met Perry and played Munchkin. Eugene's sister tried feeding us this spiked drink. She thought it was apple cider. LOL. It was 12% alcohol. Eugene and his sister seemed to really like it. So we played Munchkin till 11 PM then my mom called and we played Munchkin Warped Speed. I was winning but they all used their cards on me so then Perry ended up winning. Darn. It's alright though.
     Jen called me today, I guess I'm driving people to the campsite. Yay! Funness. I'll get gas money too! Anyways, I'm off now. I'm not sleepy but I'm gonna run a mile tomorrow morning. Fun.

          Hieu: but yeah my mind is too complex for simple humans
" Today, while exiting the bathroom, I tried to turn the lights off three time before I realized it was sunlight. MLIA "

     I'm waiting till it's 1:30 PM so I can get Allyson, go to Jamba Juice,

then head out to the park to play some tennis with Hieu and Perry. Rawr, Allan Dale called me and asked if I can come in today for work. Tear.

     I guess I'm just going to write about something random... Like Pet Peeves. According to
               pet peeve  –noun a particular and often continual annoyance;
                                  personal bugbear
     What are my Pet Peeves you ask?
-One is people who are nosy. Hands down. I don't care if I don't know them very well or if I've known them for forever; I H a t e N o s y P e o p l e. They just get to me, you know? It's like an itch that won't go away. Like for instance, if I'm having this conversation with a friend and some guy randomly pops out of no where and butts in. That stuff ticks me off. Another is if your having a conversation and the guy that pops in asks what you are talking about. First off, butt OUT, and second, None of your business. It also ticks me off when people go through your personal bubble and look through your personal belongings. Stay Out.
-I also don't like it when someone asks you for something but is already taking it from you. For example, my friend (no names) the other day, asked me if she can eat my birthday candy. And before I could say "NO", she already went and took my bag of treats like she's expecting me to let her hoard it all away. I mean, even though she asked, she shouldn't have taken it in the first place. She always does that too.
-A random pet peeve is toilets. It absolutely MUST be flushed before I use it. If there's pee (or poo) in it, then I'd have to flush it. Or if there's something floating in it; hair, leftover poo, toilet paper, a bug, I can't use it. BLEH. I just feel so gross if the toilet bowl water isn't clean.

     Ok, so I'm back from everything. After tennis I went to work. OMG i was so tired. Then I left around 6:15 PM and went to West Coast Cambrian. I met Danyelle for the first time. She's actually really nice. After that, I went to Patty's house, hung out at the pool, then played some Guitar Hero. At the pool, we talked about the person we all don't like, Daniel. Gosh, he just makes me oh so angry. (Oh, there's 2 Daniel's Btw.) But yea. enough of that. I'm gonna have a busy day tomarrow. Good night!