I woke up at 8:30 today when Kenny called me. It was the first official day of band camp and for once, we were on the other side looking in. I got ready and gathered all of my belongings and headed out around 9:30. Once I arrived there, I walked to the band room just as the band geeks finished their warm up lap. As I walked in looking for Darren or Kenny, I was surprised when two people hugged me from behind. It was Jen and Allyson of course! I wandered my way back into the band room and joined the rest of the guys; Kenny, Darren, Matt P, Alan Berryhill, and Perry. We talked for what almost seemed like forever but ended up being about an hour or so. What a long day it's gonna be I thought to myself. I have to admit that I was pretty bored and tired when the guys were chatting. Alan Hsu later joined us but didn't stay for long. I got so bored that posed a solution to the boredom; go play at Edgies or go to my house and play Nazi Zombies. Darren, Kenny and I ended up agreeing to go back to my place. As Darren and I were walking to our cars, Perry was following us, I think he wanted me to invite him. Oops...
     Well I got home first and made some pancakes. Then Kenny showed up and we talked for a little. I showed him this awesome website! It's called Cakejournal It's this blog site where this lady also shows her creations and how she makes it and stuff. It's pretty amazing! I think she's from Denmark so all of her ingredients are by weight. But it's alright because she has really good tips and everything. Anyways, Darren arrived a little late because he went to run some errands and buy himself Panda Express. When he finally arrived, we turned on Nazi Zombies and started playing. When Darren and Kenny played, they got really far and had some pretty good techniques but they eventually died. Nazi Zombies is so fun! By the time it was 1:40 PM, we left the house and headed back towards school.
     When we arrived at school, we were expecting sectionals but Mr. Kaldy was just running them through pep band music. They have Hot 'N Cold by Katy Perry! Haha, funny. No offense, but they sound pretty bad. They had sectionals at 2:30 which was fun. I met Vincent's sister and another guy flute. They had to fill out this paper thing so I guess they can share with each other later. It was fun I have to admit. After sectionals, Kaldy just showed them some stuff on the internet and stuff like that. I had to leave at 3:20 PM for work though, so I didn't stay the whole day.
    Work was pretty easy, except the advanced dragons. I had Kyle, Krishnaa and Vishal (OMG). Kyle is good, but he talks a lot. Krishna is good but the other two are hold him back, and Vishal? I don't know what to say about him. I guess that he's just not of my favorite students to teach. I easily get frustrated with him. Besides that class, the other's went well and smooth. It was pretty good I must admit. Michelle bought us Jamba Juice! Yay! I got to teach the candidates too. Well not really "teach" but more of review. I had fun with the candidates. After OJ showed up, I left and talked to Darren for a little because he showed up to visit me. He was on the phone with Wilson when I saw him. I miss you WILSON! After that, we both just went home. At home, I just relaxed for a little and went on the computer.
     By the time it was 7:30 PM, I was heading out the door to take my brother to blackbelt class where I was going to run through the 1st degree black belts with kicks and stuff. I actually had a lot of fun teaching them. I got them to be loud for the most part, and now they know their curriculum, or they should've gotten the gist of it. I don't know why OJ is always complaining about them. They're only human, just like him. Whatever, I don't even want to talk to him. Sadly today though, I didn't go to Patty's. Tear. It's alright, next time for sure. I just stayed home and relaxed and finally went to bed.
     Today was a pretty good day. Jen called me around 8:45 AM and we talked till about 10. After we hung up, I had breakfast and watched t.v. I got bored after a while and decided to clean my room till it was 12. It's not that clean.
     At 12, Kenny came over but I was still in my PJ's. We're supposed to watch Harry Potter 6 at 12:40 PM. Uh oh.. Lol. So I got ready and we headed out to Jamba for that buy one get one free. We got Razzmatazz and Peach Pleasure. I like the razzmatazz one better, it tasted good. We met up with Clare and Wilson Yu who both went to get some Blush. After Jamba, we all headed out to the movies. Kenny and I had to shove the Jamba in my bag to sneak it in. LOL. I paid for your KENNY. Who wears the pants now? Haha, just kidding. It's alright, you paid me back. Lol. Yup. When we got to the theater, it wasn't really crowded, we got pretty good seats. Kenny went and bought Kettle Corn for $6.50. Lol. Then Clare and Wilson met up with us. We just chilled for a bit and then the movie started. There were some really funny parts and the sad part, for those of you who watchd it.
     After the movie was finished, I actually was unsatisfied. I thought it could've been better. I just wished that Malfoy had more speaking parts. He was silent basically the whole time! Grr. Iono, I guess I just thought it'd be better. We just walked around the mall for a bit. Called Darren but he said that he's not gonna go to the mall and we, Kenny and I, just decided to go to Darren's house aferwards. Clare and James left so I had to take Wilson home. We visited Linsey but she wasn't there. Anyways, after I drove Wilson home, we went over to Darren's house. We played some rockband. Skyped with Wilson and played Nazi Zombies. Omg I suck but Darren and Kenny keep laughing at me. They think I'm funny. I got hecka lucky too! After they opened the "HELP" door, my first new gun was a ray gun. The second game, I got a machine gun and a flamethrower. I got to level 6 both rounds.
     After a while of games, we ate some dinner. I wasn't really hungry because I ate some kettle corn while we were playing games, but dinner was really good and extreemly filling. After dinner, we just chilled and syped with Wilson. Darren put him on the BIG screen! Lol. Anyways, Kenny and I left afterwards and I just went home, showered and slept. Boot camp tomarrow. 8 AM - 2 PM...Tear.

     What are friends? People who back stab you and talk shit about you behind your back? No. Friends. Real friends are the ones that have your back and don't say shit about you to anybody. I know everyone does it, talk crap and everything, we're human and its inevitable.
     What I can't possibly get out of my head is "why". Why talk shit about me? I did nothing wrong but try and make some new friends. Is that wrong? I'm sorry that my bold personality has allowed you to feel threatened in anyway. I don't mean to talk jokingly with other guys as if I'm hitting on them or even FLIRTING with them. I've been comfortable with them like how I am to anybody; Guy or Girls. I don't mean to make THAT GUY that you like fall for me. I can't control other people's feelings, they choose to feel what they feel and if they like me, then it's inevitable for me. I don't mean to lead people on with my personality, it's just harmless chatting for me and honestly if you were my real friends, you would've seen past YOUR thoughts and realized that there was no intentions to anything. You should know that I look down on COCK BLOCKERS, I don't like them so why would I be them? It all comes to one conclusion; Jealousy
     I'm starting to second guess my friendship with you guys. I've done so much for you guys and this is how you repay me? Wow. Some friends you are. I expected so much better from you guys especially if you don't like drama. If you don't like it so much, why be apart of it? I cherish my friendship with you guys the most. Do you know why? Besides Kim, you guys are basically my only other girlfriends that I can tell my shit to. My friends from school are only friends but you guys, I consider you guys my best friends. But seriously? If this is what best friends do then I don't want to have any best friends. Maybe I shouldn't have any friends at all.
     I know that you were only out to look out for him, but seriously? Telling him shitty lies about me? Wow. Unbelievable. If you were honestly mature enough and wanted to get away from the drama, you would've told him something different.
     I know that at the lake when you ladies had your little chatting circle, you guys were talking about me. It's no doubt you were, I don't need any proof but what I feel. I felt that you guys were hella talking shit about me and you know what? Fine. Go ahead, just remember that I KNOW everything and that Karma's a Bitch.
     No, I did not lead him on, or any of the guys. I can't help it if they like me, I'm not gonna change who I am nor will I be fake. He already knows that I'm at the point where I'm not here to impress anyone, for once, I am comfortable in my own skin. It really makes me happy being me and being so comfortable with people that I can joke around with them. But honestly, I only see it as jealousy. If you were so jealous and so frightened, why invite me in the first place? Why bother? I would have totally accepted it because I'm not the type to be butt hurt about non invitations.
     So what's said is said. I wish to put it in the past. I just want you to know that I don't go up to people telling them my shit and my problems, they come up to me to check up on me because that's what friends are for. I live by many mottos; "Get sad, Get mad. Get over it." , "leave your baggage at the door." , "the past is the past." etc.
     Honestly, since this is in the past, I'm this close to putting our friendship in the past. I don't like dealing with shit like this, and if you know me enough to care, you know that I'd rather walk away from drama especially if it's THIS ridiculous. I wouldn't be ranting about this if I didn't care, but I do care. I built this wall up, but now it's been torn down. I feel as if I can trust no one. I feel like the world has walked out on me when I needed someone the most and that's the shittiest feeling ever. When you feel as if you lost trust in everybody, expecially your best friends.

P.S - Thanks to Hieu, Kenny, Darren, and Kevin Anthony for sticking with me through thick and thin. And to Axell for always loving me and protecting me. I couldn't have asked for a tighter, more loving and caring group of people.


     Today I was out of it, mostly because I was tired. So I do the usual as I wake up then do some laundry while watching Grey's season 4 and making friendship bracelets. I'm getting better at it! Then at 11:30 AM I decide to go to my dad's shop to help him out and stuff. Then when I finished, I picked up Jen, drove her brother to their Milpitas house, then headed over to Allyson's place. We got the windows done! We didn't do much there. Just windows and some closet. I also picked up Dee from Jen's house and we went to the Great Mall to collect more boxes. The boxes were larger this time so we were able to fit 3 large boxes in my car. So hazardous. Oh well. When we came back, more cleaning plus looking for Sapphire. I hope she didn't run away. So, I got home around 5 PM and started watching Grey's and making friendship bracelets. This season IS pretty boring. Then Hieu called me and wanted to come over but I didn't want company over. Sorry Hieu.

     You know, no matter how much you guys apologize, it still hurts that you said it, but I'm pretty much over it. I can't let comments like that affect me. I know that it was a joke to you guys and you probably didn't mean it, but you guys don't mean a lot of things, does that mean you don't mean it when you apologize? I guess it affected me so much because I'm not used to you guys making fun of me. Well like I said, I'm over it. I know this won't affect our friendship because we're such a tight group and we hold such a close bond. I can't stay mad at you guys forever. Sorry for making the night shitty.

Wilson Yu: you're one of the funniest people ive ever met
Haha.. Thanks cousin...?
" Today, as I was biking home, I high fived all the tall weeds along the side of the road, pretending that I had just won the Tour de France and they were cheering fans. It made the bike ride seem more
exciting. MLIA "

Best Book Place Ever!

Half Priced Books

Half Priced Books

Wilson and Allyson
     So today, Kenny called to wake me up so we can go jogging. I did the usual then headed off to the track to jog. When I got there, Kenny was stalking me in his car! Creeper. Anyways, we were at the track for the longest time ever. We saw Hieu and Steven and Allyson, who came late. So we were sitting there and sitting there, till it was almost 10 AM and Wilson hadn't arrived yet. So then I decided to just continue running without him. So Kenny, Allyson and I both started running on our own. Allyson ran one lap. It's alright Allyson, your body isn't used to the physical fitness. Wait till Marching Band!
     Anyways, as I was running, I kept thinking OMG I HATE RUNNING my legs were sore and I was out of shape, but that didn't stop me. I kept reminding myself that I need to get back into shape. I can't stop because I never did stop to begin with.
     So, with that mindset, I made it to the finish line. Probably not as fast as I would hope, but I made it and I'm proud. I plan to run at least 3 days a week.

     Ok, I'm gonna skip some things.. uhh, Steven wrapped my tennis racket, I went to Jamba, saw Jen and the guys... Anyways.
     Allyson and I went to her house and ate and watched some of her asian drama, then Maggith and Perry came and we started to clean. I taught Allyson how to do the laundry. She has so many loads of clothes. Oh gosh, we got pretty far though, we cleaned out the bookshelf, cleaned more of her floor and under her bed and some of her closet. Allyson has so many books it's crazy. Allyson's mom sent us out to get boxes from groceries and stuff so we went all over the place to find boxes. We couldn't get any so we just went to Save Mart and got some, Safeway, and FedEx. We got so much that my car was filled! I was scared to drive back to her house because I couldn't see the back, but we made it back alive then headed out to Tapioca Express after dropping off our load. When we got back to her place, we started cleaning more, putting all the books in the boxes, we used 10 boxes. OMG. Then we finished cleaning most of her room. Her mom made us dinner so we stayed and ate dinner. SO YUMMY. I was full but I kept wanting more. It was addicting. We also watched more of her Drama. OMG I love the cousin, I wish I could marry him (from the drama). Allyson taught me how to make a friendship bracelet! Yay! I'm gonna make one for everyone now! Lol. I'll try to learn new patterns too when I get alot better. But yea.
     After Allyson's house, Perry and I went to Eugene's place and played more munchkin with Callum and Todd. That was basically my day. Not much when I got home. But yea. Byee.


Wow.. Look what Daniel said...

          Daniel Nguyen: it's still hard for me to picture you angry
          Daniel Nguyen: my idea of you being angry right now would
                              be you singing at me
Haha, He is so wrong...

Jack's Mannequin

     My mom woke me up today around 8 AM to wait for the repair man to leave. I didn't even have to wake up, he left before she did. Wow. Anyways, I just downloaded music and stuff. Oh, I bought The Fray and Jack's Mannequin Concert tickets today! I'm gonna go with Kenny and Darren also!

The Fray
     At 10:30 AM I went to school, I had to drive back home to get Steven's jacket for him because he keeps telling me to give it back. So I finally did. I also went to school to give out Choco Chip Muffins. Yum. Jen and the guys seemed to really like it. So I hope it tastes really good. I wish it was fluffier. So I drove Wilson and Steven home today and ended up going home. I finished re burning Kenny's CD and decorating the CD and it's case and stuff. Hecka cute.
     Around 1 PM, I took a really long nap, I had nothing else to do. Then at 5 PM, I headed off to work. Work was easy and fun today. I gave some of my muffins to Allan Dale. Shelby went home sick today so Allan Dale let me hang with him just in case the phone rang. It only rang once surprisingly. It was a good day though, I only taught the adult class, Cosmo and Malcolm. We did sticks.
     I left work when black belt class started because I was going to go play Munchkin at his house but he didn't come home till late so I just chilled at Kenny's house. OMG he didn't pick up his phone so I was unsure of coming over. Jerk. So I went over to his house anyways and he was there! We went to his room, chatted a little, then made a list of things he needs for his dorm. I wish I could remodel his room but they might sell the house. So yea. Sad.
     Around 10 PM I picked up Hieu and headed off to Eugene's house. We met Perry and played Munchkin. Eugene's sister tried feeding us this spiked drink. She thought it was apple cider. LOL. It was 12% alcohol. Eugene and his sister seemed to really like it. So we played Munchkin till 11 PM then my mom called and we played Munchkin Warped Speed. I was winning but they all used their cards on me so then Perry ended up winning. Darn. It's alright though.
     Jen called me today, I guess I'm driving people to the campsite. Yay! Funness. I'll get gas money too! Anyways, I'm off now. I'm not sleepy but I'm gonna run a mile tomorrow morning. Fun.

          Hieu: but yeah my mind is too complex for simple humans
" Today, while exiting the bathroom, I tried to turn the lights off three time before I realized it was sunlight. MLIA "

     So after I finished blogging yesterday, Hieu IMed me and wanted to hang out. We finally agreed on going to the park.

So we just chilled at the park for a little, then Eugene called and decided to come join us. I think we stayed there for about an hour or so, then we sat in Eugene's car for about half and hour then decided to go to Darren's house. So, we're sitting on Darren's driveway and we just talk some more, then we decide to go to Eugene's house to play Munchkin. It's a pretty confusing game, but I got used to it towards the end. Omg, I was hecka scared of Eugene's dog because I heard she bites, so when she came up to me, I guess I smelled like Clover, so we started sniffing me and sitting on me. Then she liked me. Lol. So after that game of Munchkin, I won, we decided to head home, so Eugene drove Hieu and I back to my house where Eugene brought his dog with us. She kept crawling on me! Oh

Clover and Precious
gosh. So when I got home, Eugene and Hieu decided to go inside, so we chilled inside while watching Malcolm in the Middle. Clover and Precious met for the first time. Lol. It was funny, Clover was sniffing her the whole time, but they didn't fight which was good. Clover kept freaking on her because she kept putting her paw on him or something. Weird dog. So yea, the guys left around 12 AM. Clover was crying when Precious left. Poor him. After, I talked to Kenny on the phone, then went to sleep.

No darren!
     I woke up at 6:30 AM today and got ready to head off to school at 8 AM. So I got ready really fast and decided to go back to sleep for about 20 more minutes. Then I went and picked up Kenny and we headed off to school.
     At school, Kenny and I waited for Wilson, then we ran a mile. I haven't ran in such a long time, I felt so out of shape. I was heavily breathing after that run, but I feel good, accomplished sorta. So we just chilled at the field for about 2 hours, we also saw Eugene running. After that, we went to the tennis courts and played a little bit of tennis with Hieu. I suck... So when Jen's class was over, Kenny and I went to visit her and the guys. We talked for a little bit, then left.
     So we went to the track chilled, saw Steven, then left to go to Jamba. Kenny bought me a Power Strawberry Surf Rider. Yum.

     So I went home, went grocery shopping for the Choco Chip Muffins and the Red Velvet cake that I'm about to make, right when I got home, Jen called me and asked if i was hanging with them today because I said that I will. So I met up with Jen and the guys at q-cup where we stayed for about an hour and a half. Then I took them all to Allyson's house where Jen and I stayed at to help Allyson clean her room. We made progress! It's a little cleaner now! Yay. I think I got sick from cleaning, her room was really dusty so I started getting allergies and now my nose is red and it hurts and I have a headache. Oh boy...
     So I baked the Choco chip muffins. Yum! I can't wait to give it to Jen and the Guys. I hope they love it. It's pretty good. I don't think I can help Allyson clean today because I have work, I might still be sick though, iono. But yea, I'm getting sleepy. Night

The Monster

          Kenny Ngo: because
          Kenny Ngo: he always wanted to fuck you
          Kenny Ngo: so thats
          Kenny Ngo: 1
          Kenny Ngo: wowowow wrong window

Midnight premier anyone?
     You know that battle between Voldemort (DUMBASS) and Dumbledore (Jen)? No matter how much you want Dumbledore to win, Voldemort is currently succeeding. Since Harry Potter is me in this case (because that dumbass is scared of me) I'm telling you to not let that girl get to you. No matter what she does, it's not worth it to worry about her. Worrying about her takes too much energy and makes you weaker inside. Just forget about her. Karma comes in many shapes and sizes.

     You know that battle between Voldemort (DUMBASS) and Dumbledore (Jen)? No matter how much you want Dumbledore to win, Voldemort is currently succeeding. Since Harry Potter is me in this case (because that dumbass is scared of me) I'm telling you to not let that girl get to you. No matter what she does, it's not worth it to worry about her. Worrying about her takes too much energy and makes you weaker inside. Just forget about her. Karma comes in many shapes and sizes.

Then he starts laughing and turns around then what do you know? Clover's humping him! It was the funniest thing I saw Ever! Oh man. Good thing my baby cousin thought it was a joke or else he'd be scarred for life.
     Anyways, not much else happened today. Danyelle took our blackbelt class. We learned Lock and Block.
     Don't let that BITCH get to you.

     The stupid phone kept ringing at 8 AM in my sister's room as I was thinking to myself Why won't she pick up the phone? After the phone finally stopped ringing, I tried many times to fall back asleep, but I couldn't, especially after that dream.

          Kenny, Charles, Michelle and I went to this one party and Michelle
          was sitting with her friends. Then I went up to Charles and asked
          how him and Michelle were but he told me that they broke up.
          Then I asked him why and he said that it was complicated. He
          also told me that he was going to ask that DUMBASS out and I
          Totally flipped on him. I was like "WHAT?!" and I shoved him
          against the wall and s l a p p e d him across the face. Then I
          kept yelling at him on how I didn't like her. Then Kenny and I    
          interrogated him and stuff. WIERD DREAM. If that ever happened,
          I swear that I will beat up Charles and slap some sense into him.

     Anyways, I climbed out of bed and realized my sister wasn't in her room. Haha, silly me. I felt kinda gross so I decided to take a nice
w a  r  m
shower. I'm so glad that it was a nice day today, definitely not a hot day. After showering, I just watched some Grey's, and cleaned up a little bit till it was 10:20 AM. Then I got ready to head out and pick up Allyson and Axell for out plan but friken Axell took way to friken long so by the time we got to school to pick up Jen, everybody had already left. Stupid Axell. LOL. Anyways, we then headed out to Jen's house where we watched Thirteen Ghosts and Edward Scissorhands.

We also did some karaoke. NO I DON'T SING WELL. Anyways, we chilled till 5 PM and frolicked around the neighborhood. Once we arrived back home, Allyson's dad was already there ready to pick her and Axell up. So after they left (around 6) I also decided to leave and head out to W.C Cambrian.
     LOL. Omg, Daniel was there and he was totally surprised. He's sucha Powerhouse Douche bag. He didn't even say HI to me. Asswipe. Whatever. He's so immature, I swear. Danyelle told me that he uses girls like they're tissues now. If I remember to, I'll get back to that story later
But yea, he totally like didn't even acknowledge my presence, but he had the WTF face on when my back was turned to him. SCORE. lol. That's right BITCH. Haha, yea..
     After Cambrian, I drove the Nguyen's home and then took Daniel to the yogurt place near by. It's alright, they didn't have Taro or Dole Whip. I just got Cookies and Cream, Original Tart, and Strawberries and Bananas with Strawberries and Mochi as a topping. Yum. I also ordered a Turkey Avocado Croissant sammy. That was tasty, yet very large like. I couldn't finish it so then I wanted to use a yogurt cup to take it home so I told Daniel to look at the guy's reaction. This was what happened:

     Me: Hello, can I have a yogurt cup? You don't have to put a sticker
           on it.
     Cashier: *wtf face* Uhh... *puts hand on the stack of yogurt cups*
     M: It's for my sandwich
     C: Oh.. We can get you a to go box if you want
     M: No.. It's alright I'll take the cup
     C: Uhh.. I don't I'm allowed to do that I'll just get you a box *runs
          away before I could say anything*

Haha, funny. After that place, we decided to stalk the rest of his siblings down at Marshall's but we're bad stalkers and they found us quite easily. Darn them. I just browsed a bit but the rest of them bought stuff. We headed back to Patty's place, chilled and then she made a ring tone for me but it didn't really work. It's ok, I'll just keep trying. But yea. After that my mom called and then I decided it was time to head home. So that's why I'm here right now. I'm just waiting for Kenny's call. Good night

     Warped Tour today was an experience that I honestly will never forget. It was as if yesterday that I was excited and looking forward to it, but now it is just a memory, clear and locked in my head while I recap on my excitement-full day.

     It starts of with me waking up every hour starting at 5 AM because I needed to get a camera from my sister before I forgot. Then, at 6 AM because Allyson called me to tell me she couldn't go till 1:30 PM, it's alright though, no worries. Then, at 7 AM because I had a nightmare. I don't remember what it was about though. Then, at 8 AM just because. And lastly at 9 AM to get ready for work. The anticipation was killing me.
     So after arriving at work (late kinda), I just taught. It was a nice easy day. But I left early, around 12:30. I went home, got ready, and picked up Jen and Allyson. Because I'm not ready to drive down to San Fransisco, my sister drove us. It was one of the longest car rides ever, the traffic at the toll bridge was terrible, but we just enjoyed the sweet voices of Big Bang. My sister loves Big Bang.
     Once we arrived there, it was crazy! We carried extra luggage with us so it was kind of a hassle; our bags looked like it was full of steroids because I brought my blanket and extra clothes along with me. It was a nice day, sunny and warm with a nice breeze. The first thing we did was buy a Warped Tour t-shirt. Allyson said, "It's totally skater". We all bought one. Extra small is surprisingly big on us. I'm excited to wear it. It says, "I Partied On Warped Tour". Afterward, we just walked around, looked for more performances, then found THE WHITE TIE AFFAIR (TWTA) booth! I bought a yellow t-shirt that says THE WHITE TIE AFFAIR on it and it is all decorative and everything. The lady who sold it to us told us that in 30 minutes TWTA was going to do signings so we waiting in line until they arrived. I got a picture with each of them and also got their signatures. Happiness. I also bought Kevin L a Purple TWTA t-shirt for Jen because he likes them; she got them to sign it. After that excitement, we just walked around, browsed at more booths and decided to go check out some of the other bands playing. We went to the Vans' Main Stage but had no idea who was playing so then we checked out the concert times for all of the bands. We missed some pretty good ones but then THE MAINE was still about to perform. We went over to the Harley Stage for their concert. It was crazy and fun. Jen and I were in the "Rock Concert Spirit" and we started jumping around and throwing our hands in the air and everything. Oh man, the lead singer is hilarious and super good looking. He kept saying "I love you FUCKING guys!" After their awesome performance, I went to The Maine's booth and bought a blue t-shirt that said "The Maine is Love and Love is Real", then we went and found them and I asked one of the members to sign my shirt. Pure awesomeness. After that, we just chilled around some more. Jen bought a bracelet for Denise that said "Stay Positive" or something like that. Some guy also stamped us with these massive stamps and he stamped Jen on her chest. LOL. Her fault for having big boobies. Haha. Omg, I really wanted a sticker that said "I <3 Sluts" so I can give it to Linsey, but I couldn't find one. Tear. I also stole a poster off of the gates while strange potheaded fans were watching me. I swear it smelled like pot everywhere. It was pretty gross. There wasn't any other bands we wanted to see so we left.
     We decided to walk to Pier 39 from Pier 30, in reality, it is actually pretty far. As we were strolling along the way there, after a few piers down, we come across a grassy area with a massive bow and arrow coming from the ground. It was a massive sculpture. We decided to just chill at the grass. It was nice, so many dogs. It was bliss. One funny thing that happened there was Jen said, "I smell sushi" and Allyson was like, "WHAT?!?" She totally freaked out and it was hilarious. This was more of a "you'd have to be there" moment. So after a half hour of chilling, we decided to continue our way. It was one of the longest walks ever. I'm guessing it was2 miles. We were also walking behind these group of girls with bikini tops on and everyone was checking them out. I was like "at least they're not checking US out for once." Good thing.
     Once we arrived at Fisherman's Wharf, we went straight to the sour dough place to eat Clam Chowder and Rustic Tomato Soup in sour dough bread bowls. We killed that fast. It was D-licious. After, we just browsed around the wharf and went into a lot stores. We walked into Fairy Land and Jen and I got fairy dust on our cheeks in a shape of a star! It was cute. We went to more stores then we waited outside for my sister to pick us up. We waited for about 20 minutes and then decided to go back and look at more things. By then it was dark and we were watching a guy from the top of the bridge make crepes. He's amazing! It made me want to make crepes now, I want to try one day. It looked yummy too and it gave Jen's nose an "orgasm". Haha. We went to the end of the wharf and just enjoyed the scenery and the waves and everything. We also got to see Seals! They smelled bad though, I tried taking a picture, but it didn't work. Oh, well. After that, we met up with my sister and her boy friend, walked around the other side of the wharf, and then walked back to the parking garage. Allyson wants to go to the Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not, and the Jungle Cafe (I think). There was so much to do there and the lights were beautiful.
     Once at home, I was pretty tired. Allyson and Jen just chilled at my house for a little bit and then I drove them home. Earlier on the way home, they were telling scary stories. It was pretty creepy, good thing they didn't do it this time because I'd probably be freaked out and get into and accident. That would be terrible. On the way back home, I just kept listening to Bounce by The Cab three times. I kept replaying it. I gotta train hard for rock band! Haha.
     Yea.. Anyways. Tired now. Time to sleep. Today was one of the funnest of the summer. I'm glad  I made Jen's summer worthwhile. I can't wait for the No Doubt and Paramore Concert!