I actually planned to stay home all day today, but ironically I went out more than I stayed in.
     I began the day by going to Kim's house around 11:30 AM. Technically it's her last day in California so I decided to spend what time I had with her. I came over to drop some things off, then we went to the Great Mall so she can buy last minute things. We also went to Walgreen's to buy a razor, shampoo and conditioner. Then we went back to her house, and I waited with her till some of her friends came. Chris Vu called me during that time and he wanted to come over. Random Much? So yea, when I got home my sister told me to take Clover to Petsmart so I took Clover and Chris to Pet smart. I left Clover there and when I left I felt lonely without him. Tear.
     We then decided to go to the studio to visit Allan Dale but KJN Tony was there and we talked about food and stuff. He said that he's hecka jealous of me. LOL. So Chris just stayed over for about 2 hours. We did absolutely nothing. I watched Grey's and he cleaned my room for me. I felt bad because he made me feel like my room was messy and that I wasn't entertaining enough. I didn't know what to say. Awkward. When 5 PM came around, we went to school to meet with Dragon Boating people and then we went our separate ways.
     So around 7 PM I went to pick up Clover and he looked SO cute. Aww. While I was driving home, he stuck his head out the window. Haha.
     So right now, I'm planning to get a new Laptop but I don't know which one to get. Mac or Dell?

Mac Book Pro
Dell PC
Dell Studio 15