Day 3:
     I woke up at 6 AM, got ready and met up at the school. Patrick was hecka late! Lol. So we left around 7 and arrived at the Santa Clara Convention Center near Great Mall. That was where The Red Canvas premier was held at. Once we got inside the vacinity, we put out stuff down and chilled for about 10 minutes or so. When KJN Ernie arrived, all of us helped him unload the truck and finish setting up everything. After that we just chilled a bit and then it was time for all the staff to head off into a seperate room.
     In the room there were tables and chairs and stuff, but not enough for everyone. KJN Terry Lee talked to us about stuff and made us sit in groups; school owners, managers, program directors, and intructors. We had to write about the 12 things that we need to do as an instructor. Later, we just dicussed it and heard the other group's comments and stuff and what they would expect from another group.
     After that long and boring discussion, 3rd degrees and up had to go judge candidates while the others went to a seminar with Master "Sugar", I forgot his name. But he taught us some really neat stuff. Pretty fun. We had a 5 minute break then we went back and learned some Judo. That one was... Interesting. Lol. Shelby, Mariah and I are so mean! Lol. That lesson, I must say, was quite boring. I'm seriously gonna get breast cancer. Tear. Anyways, after judo, we went back into the main room and watched some of the candidates get judged. Andrew got 1st place and Audith won 3rd! Woot! Milpitas represent! Haha. We hecka cheered for them. I'm so happy milpitas is so prideful of who we are and we show it. No one else cheered for their school except for us. Ok so after that, we had another judo seminar with the same teacher.
     Then the fun part came after judo. We had a seminar with Pressure Points! Lol. Its hecka fun. When I was partners with Shelby, I couldn't find the pressure point above her collar bone so she asked the master to help her and he grabbed her arm and hecka pushed on her pressure point. Lol. Then he did it to me! Ow. Haha. My arm was like deadish. Iono, that was a fun seminar.
     The seminar after, we learned from a escrima master. All the stuff he taught us was similar to what we've learned as curriculum. That was was kinda fun but dangerous b/c there's no room to swing your stick. Lol.
     After that seminar, it was basically the end. We were supposed to do a demo, but the Milpitas staff didn't go to the practice so we didn't particiate in it. We just hid. Lol. There was demo with all the masters in it. Omg, they're crazy! Espcially the escrima master. He's hella fast! But I heard that that was slow for him, but he moves like friken lightening! Dang. Lol. After that demo, The Staff did a demo, then the action team demoed. It's the same routine over and over again. Bleh. Ok so basically, it took forever till we left boot camp. We were supposed to be done by 2, but he was running on philipino time and we ended almost at 3.
     After boot camp, we were about to leave but Danyelle and Allan Dale were talking, then Allan Dale came up to us and was like "I don't want to go anymore". Friken Danyelle, she said something to him to make him feel bad. Omg. I don't like her. Anyways, Shelby made Allan Dale go back and talk to her because she's not gonna leave without him. I guess everything went well because he ended up going with us. We went to St. John's burger joint with Donald and KJN Jason from Arizona. It was delicious! Yum yum. That was pretty fun. We went home around 5 and Allan Dale, Shebly, Patrick and I just chilled at the studio and talked. We basically told Allan Dale on how we disapprove of his insane girlfriend and that he needs someone better. We all really don't like her. But I'll rant about her later.
     I went home around 6 and chilled and relaxed at home. Then I showered and got ready to go to Caitlyn's birthday. When I arrived at Stephanie's house, no one was there! I called Shain and Chen but none of them picked up the phone. I ended up finding out that they were in the living room. Shian and I went into a different room and talked. She's hecka lucky! She got to travel to most parts of Europe. Hecka Jealous! Lol. We're gonna travel to Spain and France one day. Yay! Anyways, kids kept coming in and bothering us so we ended up walking to the park near her house. Omg, when we were walking, a car honked at us and some guy hecka stared at us while driving by. So annoying. So when we got to the park, we just talked some more and it was getting hecka dark so Shian called Kent to pick us up. She told him we were lost and he was seriously gonna pick us up but she was like "WAIT let me call you back!" Haha.  We had to walk to Morril Middle. While we were walking, another car honked at us and some guy was like "HEY BABY!" and calling out to us. Ugh. people are annoying. Maybe I should stop wearing short shorts and a tank. But anyways, we got to Morrill and she called Kent and Alvin. After they picked us up, we went to Yoswirl and chilled for a little. Then Kent drove us home. OMG Hecka funny, when we got into the parking lot of Yoswirl, Kent hecka ran the curb. LOL. Alvin was like, "After you get your license, all bets are off." Which is pretty much true. Lol. After we arrived back at Stephanie's house Alvin and Shian had a "music battle". Alvin and Kent has hecka good taste in music. They introduced me to Artic Monkeys, The Hush Sound, Mae, and The Fratellis. There were more but I don't remember. I wish I remembered. It was pretty good. We just youtubed hecka songs and they eventually had to leave to go to a party, so it was just Shian and I. We ended up going home at 12. Once I got home, I went straight to bed. So tired.

Celeb Crimes
James Franco: Smoking in the Boys Bathroom
Kristen Bell: Road Rage and Bad Driving
Paul Dano: Compulsive Masturbater
Ellen Page: I Wear Boys' Underwear
Mandy Moore: Singer of "Candy"
Ryan Reynoles: Sobbing Uncontrollably
Zooey Deschanel: Frozen Yogurt
Scott Speedman: Prostitution
Josh Harnett: Indecent Exposure Public Drunkeness & Shamless Ambition
Keri Russell: Pregnant Mouseketeer
DJ AM: Sneaker Fetish
Molly Shannon: Caffine Addict
Day One:
     I woke up at 6:45 AM got ready and headed out to the studio to meet up with Allan Dale who drove Patrick and I to Boot Camp. We started off with some boxing and other random techniques. Kjn Ernie taught us a new pattern that we're supposed to know for the Boot Camp on Saturday as a demo. An MMA fighter came in and taught us a basic routine that they do to build it into their muscle memory, it's called pumelling. I was partners with Mariah. It's not that bad I guess, you get used to it after a while. It's hard to explain. Then he taught us clinching, then pumel and clinch, and then we added body locks. Pretty fun yet NO ROOM whatsoever. Mariah and I kept getting run over. Bleh. So basically that day consisted of conference calls where the guest speaker was called and they spoke to us through the phone and it was on the loud speakers so we can hear them. We had to take notes and stuff too. The first conference call person was really good and interesting. The ones after that was boring. One of them talked about how to make more money and stuff. I didn't really like that one personally. But yea. We had a bunch of breaks inbetween and also practiced more of that new pattern thing. Pretty boring boot camp I must say. We ended half and hour earlier and Allan Dale just drove us all home.
     When I got home, I ate then went straight to bed. I went to work a little late because I went out and bought Patrick and Allan Dale some Jamba Juice. Allan Dale got Orange Dream Machine and Patrick and I got Carribbean Passion. Yum. Work wasn't that bad. Mariah didn't show up so I had to answer calls and stuff. I'm glad that almost no one called. Blackbelt class wasn't that bad today. I kinda had half a class because I had to sign up RJ and Relaine for boot camp. But yea. After class I drove my brother home, then Kim, Allan Dale and I went out to Chilis to enjoy some Bottomless Chips and Salsa because I was craving them. We also ordered onion strings (ehh) and boneless buffalo wings (yum). It was a nice and suprisingly super filling dinner although we had all appetizers.
     After Chilis I went over to Kim's house and we talked for a little. I stayed till 11:30 PM. When I got home, I showered then went straight to bed but I couldn't sleep till 1 AM. Bleh.

Day two:
     Woke up same time and got ready. I headed out to the studio and we waited and waited for Shelby to show up. She was hecka late! Lol. We picked up Patrick and then left to go to Boot Camp. We got there just on time, but we got yelled at for being late. We just did that demo pattern and then we had a conference call I think first. After that, Ray Saint (author of the book "It's Great to be You"), spoke to us. He's really inspiring. We had a break, then came bac on the floor for more action. An MMA Fighter taugh us some of his moves and we did that for a little. It's hard to explain. Then another conference call, then The Chief Executor of Silicoln Valley came and spoke to us about leadership. Really Inspiring. Break. Action, then Ray Saint spoke again. More breaks, more action, Then Ray Saint for one last time. He's a really positive and inspiring person. It's hard to explain because I've learned so much from him. I kinda want to buy his book now, sounds good. Anyways. Boot camp was more fun today that before. We ended later than expected but it's alright.
     The 5 of us, Shelby, Allan Dale, Patrick, Mariah and I went to La Milpa to have some lunch. OMG Service is fast and awesome. I want to go there again! Lunch was nice and filling, I wish they gave us more chips though. Bleh. Anyways, Allan Dale, Shelby and Mariah stayed for work while I drove Patrick home. I didn't want to go home after so I just went over to Kenny's house to talk for a little. I guess we're not gonna play pool today. Tear. Ehh. I went home chilled for a little, then decided to clean. I just finished cleaning what I can. It's so much better, but it could be improved more. Yup. Anyways I'm super tired. Boot camp tomarrow 7-2. Oh boy, this will be fun.
     Yesterday was the Jack's Mannequin and The Fray concert! So Saturday morning, I had to wake up early to go to work around 9 AM. I got there at 9 and kinda did nothing because Allan Dale wasn't there. I kinda cleaned and reorganized stuff, but that's mainly it. When Allan Dale came, we just talked about stuff. It was a good chat. Classes weren't that bad. I don't remember much but yea. Lol. It ended around 1 PM. I felt like SOMEONE was complaining too much because she didn't have to work that day and yet the phone was ringing, so I had to pick it up. Even though you're not working, can you at least pick up the phone? It's not that hard, and plus, it's what you do anyways when you DO work. After the adults class, she was helping some people out with merchandise I think and she was cleaning up ready to go when there was a parent standing there waiting to get some help so I kinda was like, "Hey sir, do you need help with anything?" and he's like, "Yes, I want to know how much it'll cost, etc." and I was like O, Mariah? And she totally was like *sigh* -_- Pout. Kinda thing. I mean, if you're not gonna work, then don't show up, especially in your uniform. Plus you can't expect Allan Dale and I to know all this stuff especially if we're strictly on the floor.
Kenny's Wife
    Anyways, enough of that sad stuff. I went home, cleaned a little and got ready for the concert. I had so much time left so I went to sleep for a little, then Kenny showed up first and Darren came like half and hour later. So after Darren came, we took off in my car and went to Subway. After Subway, we went back to Darren's place for some refreshments and we were on our way.

     Friken Darren scared me like a million times while I was driving. I made so many lane changes even though I didn't have to because it merged anyways. Lol. Funny. When we got there, parking was quick and fast, and then we walked to the ampitheather. When we got there and in, we immediately went to buy some shrits. The wait in line felt like forever! It was hecka slow! But we made it eventually. I bought a black "The Fray" shirt with concert dates on the back and a dark blue "Jack's Mannequin" shirt. Kenny bought this really nice "Jack's Mannequin" jacket. I'm so jealous, it looks hecka nice. After that, we walked around and found our seats. We sit pretty close!! :] The guest band was Vedera! Kenny's in love with the lead singer. Lol. It's hecka funny. She's pretty good actually. I need to look her up.

    After Vedera, we just chilled for a bit. Kenny and I made a bet to see which band is opening next. I said Jack's Mannequin but Kenny thought that The Fray was gonna go. During that time, I was texting Jenann with Darren's phone because she was there also! She said that Jack's Mannequin was gonna go up next. Who ever lost the bet, the other person has to be their slave for a day during band camp. In the end, I of course won. Kenny's gonna be my SLAVE! YESH. Anyways, Jack's Mannequin has so much energy performing. It was pretty good! I didn't know all of the songs, but I sang along to a few of them. I took hecka pics thanks to my amazing camera.

     When Jack's Mannequin was finished, Jenann and I met up for a little and chilled and stuff. I brought her over to our place and then she had to leave. By then, The Fray was about to begin. They had everything set up. Kenny had pretty good seats! Next to 2 girls, who looked bored the whole concert. Lol. The Fray was alright. I expected more introduction to the songs than constant singing. They kept singing and singing. But yea, not bad. I have to say that after that No Doubt concert, my expectations are pretty high now. But yea, the main focus on that concert is to just spend time with Darren and Kenny and Wilson's spirit. Every minute spent with you guys are unredeamable, I will cherish every moment of it. After the concert, Kenny wanted to buy A Fray shirt, so we waited in lines again, which took forever, but we good the goods we were waiting for. It was worth the wait.

    We then took some last minute pics of the Ampitheater and walked to the parking lot. Getting home wasn't that bad. I'm glad Darren was there to guide me. Stupid elephant's memory... When we got back to Milpitas, we didn't want to go home just yet so Darren called Albert and asked if we could come over, which we did. We talked/messed around for 45 minutes. It was fun. We left around 12:45 AM and I took them back to my place as they left. That was a pretty fun night!
     I miss Wilson! I think we all do! Weesonaa I can't wait till you come back! Don't forget to TOKBOX with us!





     "You can't blame anyone but yourself" That's what I've been craving to tell him when he said that the Black belts were a bunch of IDIOTS. I am well aware of their lack of knowledge of the curriculum only because they have either recently graduated or never have been taught the material. But seriously? Calling black belts idiots especially if you can't teach the material with good technique and everything? That's what got me mad. He teaches these group of students like they're worth nothing. He DARES to call it HIS class when rightfully it's not. He's supposed to be a "role model" to Allan Dale when in fact he isn't a model or a follower. It ticks me off when he SITS there while teaching. You know how much trouble you'll get into if you SIT DOWN while teaching? Let alone mingle with parents? The one thing that he said today besides making fun of the black belts was that as adults class was beginning, he was complaining on how tired he was. I was thinking dude seriously? you only taught ONE class and your friken tired? but I actually said "You're tired? Patrick has been here since 3 teaching so he should be the one tired." And Patrick was like "Yea, I went on a 20 mile bike ride today" and He has JUST the DECENCY to say "I don't care what you do outside of Karate, I've been sitting home drinking a 2 litre and working out my arm. It MUST be working because it seems to get lighter." It just kind of pissed me off that He is complaining about how exhausted he was and how he's so inconsiderate. It gets me so frustrated seeing him getting paid for sitting around, making fun of students, and mingling with parents. First off, I think his way of teaching is so different that it's terrible. He hinders the students instead of helping them. Second, I hate that he dares to call the students his. He can't even teach them correctly. Third, he always sits down, talks boisterously, and walks around as if he's the head honcho. He's a higher ranking belt, yes, but he's not the boss. I feel that he needs to be careful about what he does because it's not that hard to fire him. He's just lucky that Allan Dale has a kind heart and I feel that he's taking advantage of him. He knows that Allan Dale wont yell at him or scold him or whatever, that's why he does the things he do. Seriously though, if he was under my employment (which he isn't), he'd be gone in a second. I don't deal with shit like that. I know I'm always saying that "Oh, he's still a good person and all" but all of his actions revolve around his personality and it makes me dispise him no matter how much I don't want that to happen. Your students are a reflection of yourself, that is what I have learned. No matter how much I don't like working, I still make it to the days I work unless I absolutely cannot go; busy days or vacation, But I have never not gone to work just because I didn't want to show up. He, on the other hand, doesn't go to work just because. Or that's what he told me that day he came to pick up his cupcakes. He said distinctly "I don't want to go to work today, maybe I'll call in." And I felt bad, not for him of course, but to Allan Dale. Like I said, taking advantage.
     But anyways, that's my rant of the day. I swear that I'm gonna explode on him one day. I don't care who hears, he needs to seriously learn especially if he's really from the "old school" days. Seriously.


     OMG, today was sweltering hot! Why.. I had to wake up at 7:30 AM for Monday Morning Meeting at WC Campbell. I got there really early so I just sat in my car listening to Paramore songs. Believe it or not, BUTTFACE was about 5 empty parking spots over. I didn't see him in his car because he was sleeping. But yea. I just chilled in my car and waited for it to be 9 AM and for Allan Dale to arrive. When him and Shelby pulled up right next to me at 9 AM, we headed off inside to begin the 1 hour workout following the meeting. I partnered up with KJN Tanika and we learned the clinch pattern and I taught her the MMA pattern. Yup. After that workout, we went into the XPT room and had the meeting. I learned a lot, but I don't know if I can contain any of it. Plus I don't think that most of it had to do with me. It was more of the head instructor/program director/school owner's job.

     After the MMM, I drove Patty, Daniel, and Daine home. We hung out for a little, then I took them all (including Bianca) back to my house. From there we baked a cake. I ran out of eggs so I had to go to the neighbors, I rang 2 house doors and no one opened the door, so I went across the street with Patty. We rang the door bell and accidentally woke up the guy. I felt so bad but we offered him a slice, but he didn't want any. Its alright I guess. So while the cake was baking, We played Twister and LIFE. Lol. It was hecka fun. We played two rounds of LIFE. Friken Patty made over a million both rounds because she was the technician and her

Tres Riche
sister's kept messing up the spinner. It was pretty funny. During the second game of LIFE, we filled the cooled cake with ice cream and put ice cream on the top of the cake, and froze it. Gosh, we have too many frozen food in the freezer, I had to take some things out to fit it in. So, we just completed our 2nd game and decided to go to Karate to visit. We stayed there longer than expected and talked to Shelby and Michelle. There wasn't enough time afterwards to go anywhere so I just took them back home and we just chilled for a little more. Then they all had to go home.
     After they left, I was so tired, so I ended up watching Grey's Anatomy. I need to find that missing DISC! Rawr. I'm almost coming up to that disc.  Today was really hot and warm. Bleh. While watching Grey's I got bored and started to eat cherries. I tried tieing the cherry stem with my tounge and I DID IT! It was hard and took me a long time. LOL.

I'm a good kisser!

For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

Just talk yourself up
And tear yourself down
You've hit your one wall
Now find a way around
Well what's the problem?
You've got a lot of nerve

So what'd you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

I'm not so naive
My sorry eyes can see
The way you fight shy
Of almost everything
Well, if you give up
You'll get what you deserve

So what'd you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
No you can't run away, no you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

You were finished long before
We had even seen the start
Why don't you stand up, be a man about it?
Fight with your bare hands about it now

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay, well did you?
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away

by Paramore

Wow.. Look what Daniel said...

          Daniel Nguyen: it's still hard for me to picture you angry
          Daniel Nguyen: my idea of you being angry right now would
                              be you singing at me
Haha, He is so wrong...

Jack's Mannequin

     My mom woke me up today around 8 AM to wait for the repair man to leave. I didn't even have to wake up, he left before she did. Wow. Anyways, I just downloaded music and stuff. Oh, I bought The Fray and Jack's Mannequin Concert tickets today! I'm gonna go with Kenny and Darren also!

The Fray
     At 10:30 AM I went to school, I had to drive back home to get Steven's jacket for him because he keeps telling me to give it back. So I finally did. I also went to school to give out Choco Chip Muffins. Yum. Jen and the guys seemed to really like it. So I hope it tastes really good. I wish it was fluffier. So I drove Wilson and Steven home today and ended up going home. I finished re burning Kenny's CD and decorating the CD and it's case and stuff. Hecka cute.
     Around 1 PM, I took a really long nap, I had nothing else to do. Then at 5 PM, I headed off to work. Work was easy and fun today. I gave some of my muffins to Allan Dale. Shelby went home sick today so Allan Dale let me hang with him just in case the phone rang. It only rang once surprisingly. It was a good day though, I only taught the adult class, Cosmo and Malcolm. We did sticks.
     I left work when black belt class started because I was going to go play Munchkin at his house but he didn't come home till late so I just chilled at Kenny's house. OMG he didn't pick up his phone so I was unsure of coming over. Jerk. So I went over to his house anyways and he was there! We went to his room, chatted a little, then made a list of things he needs for his dorm. I wish I could remodel his room but they might sell the house. So yea. Sad.
     Around 10 PM I picked up Hieu and headed off to Eugene's house. We met Perry and played Munchkin. Eugene's sister tried feeding us this spiked drink. She thought it was apple cider. LOL. It was 12% alcohol. Eugene and his sister seemed to really like it. So we played Munchkin till 11 PM then my mom called and we played Munchkin Warped Speed. I was winning but they all used their cards on me so then Perry ended up winning. Darn. It's alright though.
     Jen called me today, I guess I'm driving people to the campsite. Yay! Funness. I'll get gas money too! Anyways, I'm off now. I'm not sleepy but I'm gonna run a mile tomorrow morning. Fun.

          Hieu: but yeah my mind is too complex for simple humans
" Today, while exiting the bathroom, I tried to turn the lights off three time before I realized it was sunlight. MLIA "

     I actually planned to stay home all day today, but ironically I went out more than I stayed in.
     I began the day by going to Kim's house around 11:30 AM. Technically it's her last day in California so I decided to spend what time I had with her. I came over to drop some things off, then we went to the Great Mall so she can buy last minute things. We also went to Walgreen's to buy a razor, shampoo and conditioner. Then we went back to her house, and I waited with her till some of her friends came. Chris Vu called me during that time and he wanted to come over. Random Much? So yea, when I got home my sister told me to take Clover to Petsmart so I took Clover and Chris to Pet smart. I left Clover there and when I left I felt lonely without him. Tear.
     We then decided to go to the studio to visit Allan Dale but KJN Tony was there and we talked about food and stuff. He said that he's hecka jealous of me. LOL. So Chris just stayed over for about 2 hours. We did absolutely nothing. I watched Grey's and he cleaned my room for me. I felt bad because he made me feel like my room was messy and that I wasn't entertaining enough. I didn't know what to say. Awkward. When 5 PM came around, we went to school to meet with Dragon Boating people and then we went our separate ways.
     So around 7 PM I went to pick up Clover and he looked SO cute. Aww. While I was driving home, he stuck his head out the window. Haha.
     So right now, I'm planning to get a new Laptop but I don't know which one to get. Mac or Dell?

Mac Book Pro
Dell PC
Dell Studio 15

     I'm pretty disappointed in you guys. I go out of my way to take you guys out. I try and make this your best summer yet. I drive you guys everywhere, even when it was still illegal. But honestly, I never get anything back in return. You guys never ask me if I need help or be considerate of how I feel. You just expect it. Like the other day, when I visited you guys at school, I had to go somewhere but you wanted to pick up Kikay. Random? You didn't even ask you just assumed that I'd do it. Then I had to go to my dad's shop and you guys just tagged along. At first I was alright with it, no harm, but when we got there and I had to sort out paperwork, the two of you guys just sat on the computer and basically i g n o r e d me. That kinda got me mad, especially since I was having trouble pulling out the files from the file cabinets and when I had to pick up all the paper on the ground. I'm disappointed in you guys. I go out of my way to pick you up, drive you home, take you places and I never receive anything back in return. I'm not talking about gifts, but maybe a little more gratitude would be nice. I hate it when you guys tell people about my driving. I'm not a bad driver, I just drive really fast. If you guys have a problem with that, then don't get in my car. I hate it when other people go up to me and say, "So I heard that your a bad (dangerous) driver." I ask who told them that and they say you. It's not funny, it's actually hurtful. I know my car, therefore I know my limits, if I was going to put lives in danger, I wouldn't drive you guys around or I wouldn't drive. Period. I just hate it when you guys talk about stuff like that though. I don't care if your joking, you never considered what I thought. All in all, I like driving you guys around but if I'm only going to be a taxi driver for you guys, then I'm going to start charging gas money and I don't want to do that. If you guys arn't going to be more considerate then I'll stop driving you guys. People actually notice that I take you guys around too much and they are concerned.

     Anyways, enough of that stuff. My day yesterday was alright but then it turned out to be fun. I'm just gonna skip the beginning because most of it was in the paragraph above.
     After karate, Kim, Allan Dale, Brandon, Trevor, Shelby, Jose, Patrick, and I all went to BJ's in celebration of Kim's last day in California!! She's going to NY! I'm jealous but scared for her at the same time. I hope she'll be okay. If anything happens, I'll be there, first plane out. Just call me Kim. OMG I'm gonna miss her! At least I'll still be able to call. I can't believe that TWO of my best friends are going off to vacation! Well technically Kim if going for school... BUT STILL.
     Anyways, at BJ's it took them a long time to seat us and serve us too. The food was good. I got grilled chicken pasta. Super filling. So Patrick ordered these beer tasters thingy and he got a Blonde, Ale, Red Head, and a Brunette and he liked the Blonde the best. Then we had the most interesting convo with him. We were talking about Chimpanzees and for the longest time I didn't know how they looked like, but I just Google them and this is how a chimpanzee looks like:
Aww cute much? Lol. That's what I've been picturing the WHOLE time, but they kept telling me I was wrong, maybe I just described it incorrectly. LOL. But yea. Trevor's hecka funny. He says the solution to everything is to "Punch them in the face!" Haha. I'm totally stealing that now. I took pictures from BJ's but the printer doesn't work so I can't upload it. Poo. Having no camera sucks. Does it really take this long for them to send me a new one? Like seriously? I feel Incomplete without my camera! Sad. Yup. Today, I'm planning to stay home. Maybe I'll hang out with the guys or something. Iono.
     Omg! I had a dream that I told them and then one of them told their mom and their mom hates me now. And then I had another dream that I told them again but everything turned out OK. Iono, I just had to say that.