Day One:
     I woke up at 6:45 AM got ready and headed out to the studio to meet up with Allan Dale who drove Patrick and I to Boot Camp. We started off with some boxing and other random techniques. Kjn Ernie taught us a new pattern that we're supposed to know for the Boot Camp on Saturday as a demo. An MMA fighter came in and taught us a basic routine that they do to build it into their muscle memory, it's called pumelling. I was partners with Mariah. It's not that bad I guess, you get used to it after a while. It's hard to explain. Then he taught us clinching, then pumel and clinch, and then we added body locks. Pretty fun yet NO ROOM whatsoever. Mariah and I kept getting run over. Bleh. So basically that day consisted of conference calls where the guest speaker was called and they spoke to us through the phone and it was on the loud speakers so we can hear them. We had to take notes and stuff too. The first conference call person was really good and interesting. The ones after that was boring. One of them talked about how to make more money and stuff. I didn't really like that one personally. But yea. We had a bunch of breaks inbetween and also practiced more of that new pattern thing. Pretty boring boot camp I must say. We ended half and hour earlier and Allan Dale just drove us all home.
     When I got home, I ate then went straight to bed. I went to work a little late because I went out and bought Patrick and Allan Dale some Jamba Juice. Allan Dale got Orange Dream Machine and Patrick and I got Carribbean Passion. Yum. Work wasn't that bad. Mariah didn't show up so I had to answer calls and stuff. I'm glad that almost no one called. Blackbelt class wasn't that bad today. I kinda had half a class because I had to sign up RJ and Relaine for boot camp. But yea. After class I drove my brother home, then Kim, Allan Dale and I went out to Chilis to enjoy some Bottomless Chips and Salsa because I was craving them. We also ordered onion strings (ehh) and boneless buffalo wings (yum). It was a nice and suprisingly super filling dinner although we had all appetizers.
     After Chilis I went over to Kim's house and we talked for a little. I stayed till 11:30 PM. When I got home, I showered then went straight to bed but I couldn't sleep till 1 AM. Bleh.

Day two:
     Woke up same time and got ready. I headed out to the studio and we waited and waited for Shelby to show up. She was hecka late! Lol. We picked up Patrick and then left to go to Boot Camp. We got there just on time, but we got yelled at for being late. We just did that demo pattern and then we had a conference call I think first. After that, Ray Saint (author of the book "It's Great to be You"), spoke to us. He's really inspiring. We had a break, then came bac on the floor for more action. An MMA Fighter taugh us some of his moves and we did that for a little. It's hard to explain. Then another conference call, then The Chief Executor of Silicoln Valley came and spoke to us about leadership. Really Inspiring. Break. Action, then Ray Saint spoke again. More breaks, more action, Then Ray Saint for one last time. He's a really positive and inspiring person. It's hard to explain because I've learned so much from him. I kinda want to buy his book now, sounds good. Anyways. Boot camp was more fun today that before. We ended later than expected but it's alright.
     The 5 of us, Shelby, Allan Dale, Patrick, Mariah and I went to La Milpa to have some lunch. OMG Service is fast and awesome. I want to go there again! Lunch was nice and filling, I wish they gave us more chips though. Bleh. Anyways, Allan Dale, Shelby and Mariah stayed for work while I drove Patrick home. I didn't want to go home after so I just went over to Kenny's house to talk for a little. I guess we're not gonna play pool today. Tear. Ehh. I went home chilled for a little, then decided to clean. I just finished cleaning what I can. It's so much better, but it could be improved more. Yup. Anyways I'm super tired. Boot camp tomarrow 7-2. Oh boy, this will be fun.

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