Frank Yau told me:
" The simple truth is; there is no truth, it just depends on the other person's point of view  "

     I'm at my dad's shop right now. He's at some road service call or something like that. I have an eye appointment at 1 and I have work a 5. Bleh. Kenny and I went to get some Jamba Juice today because of that Bogo promotion thing. I picked him up around 10:30, I got the Banana one and Kenny got Strawberries wild. Lol. Omg, I think it taste exactly like the stawberries wild one...
     So, my day yesterday... I basically did nothing the whole morning. I slept around 2 because I got called in for work for 3:30. So yea, work wasn't that bad. I got to teach Nathan one on one. He's getting better! An experiment in progress. I'm getting more comfortable teaching the begginner junior belts. They're so quiet! Bleh. So after candidate class was over, OJ showed up so I went home. The rest of the day, I just chilled at home. Updated my blog and chatted. Ehh. So unproductive. I think work is my escape, it forces me to be active because I'd just be sitting here on the computer, draining out all my energy. BLEH.

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