Yesterday wasn't really special although I did share a nice 3 and a half hour long phone conversation. Everything went swell and I'm glad that we've moved on past our issues although another one popped up. Drama, so inevitable. I woke up pretty late today since I slept at 5 AM. I did the morning routine and immediately messaged Kirsten on Myspace. I apologized to her because I feel like I owe her an apology. After my long message to her, I began my Wednesday Game Plan but I never got to finish it! I only cleaned out my car. As I was cleaning out my car, my sister asked me to take her places so I did. Because of the Monterey Trip next week I also came into work to make it up to Allan Dale. Sorry! I had a nice 15 minute nap before work. I wish I got to sleep more, but it's alright. Work was okay nothing special. Green belt class is still my favorite. After work, Allan Dale came over to have a vegetarian meal and we talked for a little, then he had to go home. My night ended with a 2 hour phone conversation with Axell about the drama and another half hour phone convo with Kenny right after.
     I'm trying to "Rise Above" and not worry about the drama. I try not to be mixed into ridiculous drama like this because it's not worth my time. I'm doing my best to put it in the past even if it means me going up to them and talking to them first. I hate drama. I'm glad that Kirsten and I are fine now. We have learned that it's just a big misunderstanding.

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