So after watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. I went to band. Omg, that movie is so cute! The guy is sexy with his accent. Yesh!
     So I met up with Darren and Wilson at band. Wilson's mom did a drive by and gave us ice cream! Yay! Haha. We just chilled around after and hung out with some of the bandies. We stayed there till practice was over. After practice, Dee Jay wanted to longboard with us so Wilson, Darren and I went over to Frank's with Dee Jay. We went around to a lot of places. We first started off with the hill that I first inured myself at. Then we went down a straight street and Frank hella ate it! It was pretty bad. His whole arm was bloody. He just reopened his scab.... Gross.
     It's alright though. We just went back to his place to get bandaids, then he was back on his feet ready to go. So we walked/boarded all the way to Jessica Lim's neighborhood and went down those hills. I thought I was gonna hella eat it, but I didn't! I survived! Yesh! Anyways, after a long while of boarding, I went to Jessica's house to get a bandaid for Frank. Then we left and went home because it was getting late.
     So yea, I'm at home now, Frank was serenading me earlier. He's hecka funny at singing.... ANYWAYS. Night
    I don't know why, but Eugene told me to webcam with him. So I'm on ooVoo right now and it's Todd, Eugene, and Wilson. Sorry Wilson! Ughh, no offense but this is kinda boring and pointless. We're not even doing anything...
     Alright, so... I just added the De Anza guy on fb. Hopefully its the right person. Lol. I'm so bored! My sister took over my laptop! I kinda want to bake right now but I'm too lazy. Time for more movies? Confessions of a Shopaholic! Yesh. Hehe... Or maybe Hannah Montana Movie? That guy is hot!
     Vous dites toute cette substance à moi pourtant parfois je ne sais pas répondre à elle. Vous me flattez avec vos mots mais je ne sens pas la même voie. Vous dites que vous ne m'abandonnerez pas ou ne l'abandonnerez pas sur moi mais je vous veux à. Je sais vous regretterez tout à l'avenir que je veuille juste que vous vous rendiez compte qu'avant que vous obteniez trop. J'ai été un sens à ce blog le plus longtemps avant qu'il ne soit trop tard. Mais maintenant, il est trop tard. Voilà comment je suis remboursée? Au moins maintenant je sais que vous avez fini avec moi. Ou êtes-vous?
     This movie night started off with work. Work wasn't that bad. Really easy and fast. After work, I went home and started cleaning for a bit. After a while of cleaning, Frank decided to drop by and we hung out for a bit and chatted. After he left, I got really lazy and stopped cleaning to watch TV. Jen and Allyson weren't going to come till 9 anyways.
     By the time it was after 9, Jen and Allyson showed up. Jen showed up first, hid in my closet and scared Allyson by trying to be the grudge girl. Silly, silly. After exchanging stories and such, we began with the first movie of the night...
     The Strangers. That movie was seriously suspenseful. People are so stupid in that movie yet it was still a thriller. Pretty good, not bad.
     Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. OMG Seriously good movie. Good choice Allyson! It's about this girl who chose to be brain washed and her boyfriend who wanted to do the same but fought against it. It's confusing but you'll have to watch it yourself. It stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. You would expect Jim Carrey to star another comedy in this movie, but instead, it is all serious. Bravo!
     Darkness Falls. Once you lose your last babytooth, don't look at the toothfairy or she'll get you. This horror was pretty good. I've already seen it though so I fell asleep halfway through the movie. Just remember, Stay In The Light.
     Halfway through Darkness Falls, we all got tired and decided to sleep for the night. In the morning, we ate chips and finished Darkness Falls.
     Atonement. Fuck 'em all! Fuck 'em all! Haha. I think this movie was really good. Stupid Briony...
     After Atonement, we went out to Safeway to buy ice cream and salami. Yum! When we got home, we prepared snacks and ate some ice cream. Just as we started our new movie, Jen got a call from Chris saying that she had South Bay Practice. We immediately packed out snacks and took Jen to SBSMA. Joe saw Allyson and I and invited us into the practice room area. They played about 4 songs. It was nice and loud. Lol. 2 hours later, Allyson and I left first and I saw CJ F! Lol. Random. Anyways yea, Jen joined us a little later and we returned home.
     Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I agree with Jen. Good music and hecka cute! I saw the last half of the movie before but now it makes sense with the first half with it. Lol. Yea. After that, Allyson had to leave. Jen and I decided to watch one more movie before she left.
     Silent Hill. We didn't get to finish the movie, but I let Jen borrow it anyways. Silent Hill is a pretty suspenseful movie. The little girl is cute! Jen and I were checking out the hot policewoman. She's really rocking her suit! No Homo! Lol.
     Aftter Jen left, I chilled for a bit until my sister invited me to watch another movie with her and my brothers and Harold.
     House of Wax. Scary. Thriller. Chad Michael Murray is Hot!!! Yum... It was a pretty scary movie, I'm glad that Chad Michael Murray survived in the end. Love!
     Anyways, I'm at Darren's house right now with Wilson. They're just playing Grand Theft Auto. Dorks. I just missed Kenny too! Noo! I miss you already Kenny! Come back! Lol.
     By the way, thanks Wilson. I will always call you at 3 in the morning now. But I'll call you about a million times until you wake up... Lol.
     Wow, this weekend has been incredibly busy and packed with movies and light snacks. I'll blog about this later!
     You decided to blog about your feelings about me? Then fuck it, I'll do the same. But this doesn't mean that I'm afraid to say it to your face. In fact, I'll say it to your face, in front of everyone, if that's how you want it to be like.
     I warned you, did I not? I told you that there are no guarantees yet you chose to look the other way. Countless times have you told me that, "I'd rather be hurt than to give up". So what happened to that? You've been getting hurt and you wont stop getting hurt until you get over it. If you're gonna act like this and hide behind a rock, ignore me, call me a bitch behind my back, then fuck you too. I told you that I wanted to be friends with you, I'm not pushing you away. Give me one time that I literally pushed you away. I said HI to you the other day, did I not?
     I didn't use you. Tell me one thing I did. One. Thing. What? I was your friend? I dumped you? I did not dump you. We never had a thing. You were making up these lies left and right and look where you ended up. You said you were happy? But didn't you say you were happier when you were around me? Whatever. I Don't Get You Too. I really like the part where you complimented me left and right, yet I disagreed, then you called me a bitch and whatever no matter how much I put myself down already.
     You know what? If you asked if I'm happy then fuck it, Yes I'm happy. I'm happy that you finally realized what a "manipulative bitch" I am. I'm happy that you found someone better than me. I'm happy that you've decided to continue your life without me. I'm happy that you say shit behind my back because it makes you feel better.
     Fuck it. You're right. Everything you said about me is correct. I am a bitch. I use people. People follow me like dogs. I won't have anyone in the end to turn to.
     It's funny how you say that people follow me around like dogs. Did you not do that? It's also funny how those dogs speak and say shit about me. Say it to my face, I'm not afraid to hear out my flaws. I'd rather know my flaws and fix it, rather than not knowing and having the world hate me.
     And you say that I won't have anyone to turn to in the end? It's not that I wont have anyone, I will have people, and those people are my close friends. If you were my friend, then you would've known what a bitch I am and have already accepted it. My close friends are honestly not scared to tell me what's up. They're not afraid to chew me out to the whole world while they're ready for me to do the same in return.
     Honestly though, I AM sincerely really happy for you. I'm glad you found that person that wont hurt you. I'm glad she's better than I am. Remember, the difference between you and everyone else is that you are you. Treat her well because you're a good person like that and she's lucky to have someone like you.




I'm giving you a chance. I just don't want to be hurt in the end.
      Omg, so I had a pretty good day today.
      It started out hella shitty at first, but the clouds cleared and the sun shined. So I woke up to my mom asking me to help her pull the bed out so she could vacuum underneath it. So I went out of bed hella grumpy and stuff and helped her move the bed, then I did my morning routine and downloaded some songs. I was also stressing over homework and stuff. Ughh. I can't get into any classes! I'm friken waitlisted for everything! So Yea, I was doing my hw until it was time to go. So I brought my laptop and stickered lunchbox with me and went to pick up Darren and Donald. Lala...
     After we got to De Anza, we chill in our usual spot and finish the hw and everything. When it was time for class, we came a little late so this chick with blue hair sat in Darren's usual spot. So yea, in our group sat Michelle, Kush, the blue haired girl and I. Darren and Donald sat behind us.
     In class, we had to do a "final" where it was open book and we could ask anyone for help. After we finished the final, we had to fill out this paper thing where it says what classes you are or want to take for the fall quarter, and the classes you want to take for the winter quarter. So I finished my final and paper thing real quick then chilled. When that girl was done, she left and so it was just Kush, Michelle and I but eventually Michelle left early too. So yea, I just chilled and helped out Kush with everything. Oh! Btw, I put my lunchbox on the table next to me. Lol, this is confusing. Anyways. So that really cute guy went to our table group and sat where I sat earlier and was checking out my lunchbox. Then he talked to me! He asked me if that was mine and I said yes and he asked if he could look at it, so I let him. Anyways, after that encounter we started talking and I found out that his name is Adam and he goes to Evergreen Valley High. OMG What a nice school too! Lol. So yea, he introduced me to his friend Kevin and Don and they sat in the table with me too. Adam also asked me if I was the same person with the longboard and stuff. Lol. He's really nice and good looking! Haha. Anyways, I kept asking Darren if he needed help but he was like NO I don't need help. So anyways, yea, they're really nice and funny. I wonder if I'm ever gonna see them again. I hope so. OMG the sad thing is that Adam has a gf. NO! O well.
     So after that awesome class, Darren was hecka making fun of me. He was like, "Wow, you got hit on by 3 guys!" Haha, He's just jealous! Anyways, We went to Pizza My Heart to Celebrate. Donald treated Darren and I to Pizza and he also got me a PMH Shirt! Yesh! So after one slice, I really wanted another one so Darren was like, If you do it, I'll do it" So I was like YEA! I went and bought myself another slice. Same as Darren. Gosh we're FatAsses! After PMH, I took them all home and now I'm here blogging. Work in about 2 hours. Noo...




     Sorry, I don't have much time to blog at the moment. This whole week is orientation for Darren and I. It's not bad, Kush, Michelle T. and Donald are in our class too. Yay! Lol. Don't tell anyone but there's a really cute guy in that orientation class! Shh...! Haha
     Wilson Cheah also came back from Cal Poly! YESH! Wilson Yu also called me a Nigga... Friken loser.