OMG That concert was absolutely AMAZING! We started off by going to Subway. I think it'll be our own tradition. Yum. There was a lot of traffic by the time we hit the Shoreline exit but we made it just in time for The Sounds to begin. While they were performing, we were waiting in line to buy shirts. Omg $35 per shirt. Bleh, Oh well, I bought a No Doubt and a Paramore shirt. $70!! Woot. Haha. Jk. So yea, we didn't get a good spot on the lawn but it was sort of in the middle. Good thing I brought super awesome camera! It was just as if we were RIGHT there.

The Sounds
     So yea, The Sounds wasn't that bad. Pretty good, maybe I'll check them out eventually. So yea, after The Sounds, we just enjoyed our meal of Subway and some cookies + Fruit by the foot. I was so excited when Paramore came on. I started screaming like crazy! I'm so glad I did my research on Paramore! She sang the new song Ignorance! YEA! I felt so powerful because I felt like I was the only one who knew it... Around my area. Anyways, Paramore was absolutely amazing. I love Hayley's Voice! It's beautiful. Haha. I knew all of the songs except for one, I'm pretty sure it's on her new album. But yea. Pretty good pics huh? Lol. Anyways, Paramore is Hecka Good Live! They're friken Crazy! During the intermission, they have those screens up and you can text it and stuff so Kristine texted "Hayley! Impregnate me!" or something like that, I forgot. Funny.

No Doubt

     So when No Doubt went on, it was crazy! Gwen is hecka good live! They seriously know how to pump up the crowd and rock the stage. I do wish I researched more No Doubt though, I only knew the chorus to some of the more popular songs. But it's alright. I had an enjoyable time with Kristine, Her sister Karen, and her cousin Abby. Plus her older cousin Markie who was our chauffeur and body guard. Lol. Good Times. The concert ended around 11:10 and we left by 12. So yea, I'm here now telling my awesome story of the concert. I'm totally excited for The Fray and Jack's Mannequin Concert. Major Research to do! Click on Pictures for more!

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