Allyson came over around 10:30 today. We then ventured off to the dollar tree to buy some balloons and party decorations. We're so awesome.
     Then we arrived at Darren's house. A few people were cooking and some where doing decorations. It was pretty fun to start with. Vienna, Alex and I had this great Idea to line Darren's room door with streamers. Eventually Alex and Vienna ditched, so Alan, Akash and I finished it off by taping the entire doorframe, top to bottom with this box tape thingy. So awesome.
     But before that, Albert hid the gift in there and made it look like Arnold Schwarzenegger was lying in his bed. Lol!
     So much happened, it felt like it went by in a blur. Darren came home and he was extremely shocked. We chilled for a bit, then ate homemade burritos. Then had some cake and opened gifts. Darren had to literally jump into the trap we made him (to his room) to find the present. When he found it, he was totally amazed and surprised. Pretty awesome.
     The next couple of hours kinda went like this. Sat around and talked. Caking. Babe came by to surprise Darren. Video game playing. Apples to Apples. Rockband!!!! Cheesy Quesadilla. Talked some more. Chilled.
     It was so fun. It might not sound like it, but I guess you'd have to be there to experience it. Oh how I miss rockband so much.

     After Darren's party, I went to my cousin's house to chill. I started off by playing some PvZ; my uncle annoyed me so much, I just wanted to kick him... Eventually, Michael came and sat next to me, so I shared with him. Buahaha, now he's addicted to PvZ too! I played with baby Wayne today. He's so cute and adorable. It was so funny. We played hide and seek and he couldn't find me so he walked around the whole house yelling my name. So cute!

     I had fun today despite my recent fallout. It was a good day today.

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