Dad bought a fish from Lucky 7, then sped all the way home just to put it in the pond. LMAO! 
     Did some grocery shopping to make some Chinese Chicken Salad. Went over to Maggie's house, had dinner (yum! Hotpot!) then got some ingredients from her. 

     Polisci was fun. My reading notes group wasn't too bad.
     Met with babe after school. Him and Nikko almost made me late for my meeting! I had to buy drinks so we sped over to NobHill, I ran inside, got some soda and juice, then quickly paid and ran out of there. We still made it there early. FacePalm. Lol!
     Good discussions today. I got to talk to Sonny a lot. Very enjoyable convos with her. 
     Went home, chilled with Babe for a bit, then went to bed.

     Vince drove today. I left my car at Darren's so Timmy could borrow it. School was okayyyyy. I got a C on my ACCT midterm... Not bad.. I guess. lol! I thought I failed, but I didn't. We watched a Michael Moore movie in english. Very educational and amusing. 
     Babe came over, then I quickly got my stuff. Then we went to Ohlone to drop him off, I took the car and went to Starbucks. Ordered the usual and got some homework done... Finally! Lolol. I sat next to a kid there who KO'd so badly. His dad came up to him and whispered to him that his hair was on fire and that he had to wake up to put it out. That didn't work. Then he gently slapped the kid's face and kept moving his head for the next 5 minutes... Then he finally woke up and acted like nothing happened. Lol! Funny. 
     Timmy met me at Starbucks, then we went to Jo-Anns but didn't buy anything, then to Pizza Night. OMG! MM's doesn't have that 50% pizza on Tuesdays anymore! So lameee! We waited till everyone came, then we left to go to In N Out. Fun fun fun. We played truth, dare, or make it dirty with the guys. hehehe. 

     Nothing much happened at school.
     When I came home, Timmy surprised me and took me out on a date to Santa Cruz. It was so nice, no one was there. We walked around Boardwalk. He made me cross those friggen train tracks! Facepalm... We got to walk along the shore and did a mini photoshoot. It was enjoyable. Then... Timmy spent friggen 20 bucks in the arcade, on accident. So we were there for an hour racing on Initial D, dancing on DDR, and playing random ticket games. We ended up getting prizes for Timmy's little brothers. So cute!
     Then we went to the pier and ate dinner at this restaurant. The food was Meh... but the company was great. Timmy was having such a lucky day, after a crappy morning of course, because we didn't have to pay for parking at the boardwalk AND at the pier. Hecka sweet! 
     So we drove back home, got lost a little, then chilled at my house for a bit.
     Math Midterm! I hope I did well!!!
     I got my PCI coat and tickets today! I saw Serena so I got to talk to her for a bit. She gave me 6 baking magazines to look through! After that, I went back to school for English.
     When I got home, I chilled for a bit. Then babe came over and we ended up napping for a few hours. Then we woke up and talked... a lot. I told him a lot about myself, things that I would never tell ANYONE no matter how much I trusted them. It was weird telling someone things that I suppressed so deeply inside myself. It was difficult, but I got through it. 
     Thank you for listening babe, I really appreciate. 

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