I keep getting stressed out by school. So much to do! I feel as though I never have time for anything anymore. On top of school, I balance out my friendships as well and making sure I spend time with them. Anyways:

Wednesday was an insignificant day. Not much happened, nor do I remember anything special happen.

     Random pop quiz in math. We got to work in pairs; thank goodness for Josephine. 
     Clare is a lifesaver! She hella helped me out in accounting and got me pretty caught up. Accouting wasn't too bad either. 

     I made cake pops with Bianca! It took up from 4-10/11. Hecka crazy! Super fun, yet super messyyyy. 
    Bowling for a bit afterwards. I love to bowl, even though I'm bad at it...

     PCI graduation! <3
     Warrior Dash. So much funnn
     1 month with babe <333

     Halloween!! Did my essay all morning till 4, then got ready to go to Albert's
    We played some games, then chilled and ate some food, then dressed up and headed out to trick or treat. Fun fun fun.
     When we got back, we watched some TV then Albert put on this movie that makes you think a lot. Good movieee.
     Babe came for a bit, so I got to see him. Then Homebound!

sigh sigh sigh. School tomorrow..

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