I ended up having no time yesterday to blog, since I got home around 4, chilled with babe till 6, napped till 9, and did hw till now. 

     So anyways. I've just been going through a lot of emotional stuff recently. It's not like me to be this way, but I guess that's what happens when you bottle too many things in. Eventually, the bottle overfills and it breaks or overflows, and that's what happened with me. I've been down these past few weeks, Tuesday was certainly my breaking point. Thanks to Patty, she rescued me and made me feel better and took me away to get my mind off of the stuff. 
     When I got home, babe came over and I told him everything. 3-4 hours of coversation, no conversation, crying, laughing, sleeping, listening to music, etc. It was nice getting it out, then getting feed back, because in the end, I realized that everything is okay. 

     The world is still revolving and it's not going to blow up. 

If you expected me to blog about what was wrong, you won't find it here. Just talk to me and maybe i'll tell you. Whoever you are. 

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