I feel



A sense of displacement in a way. It's ridiculous, I know, but maybe, just maybe, that green eyed monster is out for the one who steals the spotlight. But I have to remember to stay positive and say positive things, because eventually, I'll believe what I say. 

I also apologize for saying mean things about other people. I'm sorry and I'm learning. I need to remember to not say anything when I don't have anything nice to say. I only say it in the heat of the moment because it makes me feel better about myself for a bit, but the aftermath makes me feel pretty shitty. I also need to remember that I shouldn't say such that doesn't effect (affect?) me. 

I also need to stop complaining about my life. 
-About how hungry I am b/c there's starving children in 3rd world countries.
-About how I have no money to spend because others are less fortunate than I am. 
-About how unpretty I am because I'm tired of saying that I'm not pretty and hearing people's comments about how I am. 
-About how sleepy and tired I am because that's usually an excuse meaning "I don't want to talk to you, stop bothering me".
-About how shitty some pictures look like because I, myself, do not own a camera, therefore I have no say. 
-About school because I'm lucky to be able to afford school and get an education. 
-About my cell phone lagging because I am fortunate to even have a phone to begin with. 
-About my family because we all get along well in this household
-About the stuff that I don't have and but want because I am a spoiled child
-About people because they do no wrong to me
-About not having anytime to do anything because I have a crapload of time, I just don't manage it well AND because there are children in Uganda that are literally being abducted and forced into killing people (Invisible Children), they don't have the opportunity to be a child and have a life anymore. 

Wow, I've never really realized how much I complain on a weekly basis. Gosh, why doesn't anyone tell me I'm annoying? 

So what have I learned today?
-Stay Positive
-Stop talking about people
-Stop complaining about my life

Time to sleep. Good night. 

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