Today was a good day. It started off with the weather being chilly, with clear skies. I walked to Darren's house and made it just in time as Albert came biking through. Next, 237. Traffic was BLEH, but OMG! This lady made eye contact with Darren and waved him in to cut in front of her. INCEPTION. No friggen lie.  We were so blown away. 

In Nicky's class, we did the step forward, step back exercise. I love that exercise. Basically, he brings the whole class out to stand on the football field. We all stand on the 50 yard line, being equal and such. Then we start stating statements to the students and if it applies to them, they have to step forward or step back. It shows how some people have it easy in life, and how some have it hard. Our ancestors worked their asses off to provide for their family, some got lucky and gets all this inheritance, but many, not so much, they actually inherit their family's debt, which makes them step back further and further. When I did this exercise, I actually was somewhere in the middle. Fun exercise. I think I blogged about it when I did it! It took me forever to find it, but here's the post! 

It was my Dad's bday today. Happy Birfdays dad! 3 Pizzas + the whole family (even with my sister) + Grandma + Babe. It was enjoyable I guess. We didn't really talk much, but that's a usual in the household. Honestly though, if you think my family is hella bad at communicating, my cousin's families are much worse. It's so sad. 

I almost Broke 100 today while bowling. So CLOSE! 

Babe taught me how to bowl all fancy-like and everything. My first try, I got a strike. Yeah yeah! He thinks I'm hustling him, but I'm actually not. I just got really luckyyyyy. Even with bowling with my left hand. Lawls. I have such an unorthodox way of bowling. I love bowling, it's so much fun! :D

Went to Quickly's with babe. We watched a bunch of familiar korean music videos and talked about them/critiqued them. Babe! Let's get a vespa if we ever get married, like in You and I. :D Hahahaha. jkjk :P

On a side note: My grandma looks so cute when she smiles. She was smiling at babe because I was putting all the pizza meat on his plate. She made a comment and smiled. 

Good day today :D

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