School! It started to sprinkle. Clarice freaked out. I was amused. Lol!
     Chilled at home for a bit. Cleaned the bathroom. Sort of cleaned my room. 
     Met up with Patty at Vfair. Pretzels and Lemonade! Pee break at Nordstroms
     Santana Row. Beiber tickets! 'Nuff said. Not for me though, for Patty and Sabrina.
     Picked up Sabrina. Pranked her. Priceless. 
     I picked up Bianca and Diane. We got lost. Boiling Crab!
     The wait was 1h30mins so we went back to Patty's. Went back to boiling crab. Met up with Allison, "Cherokee", Christie, Troy, and Katelyn. 
     I'm a messy eater... Crawfish and clams! Next time I'll order the shrimp. Nom nom!
    1hr later. Chilled outside, took some pictures. fun fun. 
     Went back to Patty's picked up my car. Went back to vFair to chill. 
     Bought a LOVE necklace at F21 and some Starbucks. Lots of talking went on. Future plans for black friday shopping and roadtrips!
     Drove Sabrina home. Went home. Txt'd babe. KO

     Woke up. Cleaned the room. Watched some Bones. Took care of Wayne. Went to the Milpitas Community Center's Halloween Haunted house event at 5:30. Watched Wayne play some games, win some candy, decorate a cookie, pick out a pumpkin, wait in line for balloon animals and eat popcorn. Fun!
     SJS VS EDM! 6-1 EFF YEAHH! <3

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