SLO BOUND: Friday, Approx. 5:00 PM.
-Darren picked me up and we went to pick up Vince, then headed out to SLO
-We got there about 4 hours later... stupid traffic + Wilson's terrible directions.
-We got lost in Avila beach trying to find Wilson. After FINALLY finding him, we went to Firestone's to eat dinner. Omg, the fries are so delicious! Definitely worth the money, it doesn't even need to have katsup or anything!!!
-Unpacked everything at Wilson's apartment, then went next door to Sheen's place to visit and talk and stuff.
-Kristine was extremely surprised that I was there, she let me stay in her room for the time being that I was going to be over. Yay!
-So, I went back to Wilson's apartment to move my things back and BAM! Wilson's roommate (Connor) and his friend (Dylan) were doing a photoshoot/music video thingy in there. I felt so awkward... Connor was really chill and nice though.
-So I moved everything back, then we went hiking to the "P". It was such a friggen steep hill with horses and horse poo! SO unexpected. Note to self: NEVER EVER EVER HIKE IN BOOTS. Not a good idea.
-The view was beautiful though, Good thing I had google sky maps! I got to find all the stars in the night sky.
-The hike down was pretty bad. We had to take a different path bc the horses stood in the middle of the first pathway. The second one was super steep!
-When we got back to the apartment, we chilled around for a bit, then I got ready and crashed on Kristine's bed. We slept head to foot.

-Kristine woke up super early, but once she left around 8, I immediately woke up. Then I got ready and got my homework done.
-Then I decided to visit Wilson and when I walked through those doors, his roommates were there, shirtless... I felt awkward so I ran back into Sheena's apartment to put on some decent clothes.
-I raided Wilson's fridge and drank all of his chocolate soy milk while chilling on his bed with the other two guys.
-We just chilled around until Alex Tu came.
-Once he came, we immediately left and went to Santa Rosa Park to visit some people and to Splash for some lunch. Yum clam chowder! So delicious!
-We walked around downtown SLO for a bit. Went shoppinggg! I bought this shirt from Kwirkworld that said "Bazinga!" on it. Ahhhh, so awesome <3
-We also went and visited that great gum ally way thingy. So nasty yet so cool! Let's start one in Milpitas!
-So we walked around and bought some water so we'd be prepared to hike up Bishop's.
-Sorry that I kept complaining about it...
-We ended up not going because we heard the loudest and randomest thunderclap ever! It was sunny, yet it was still thundery... so random.
-So we went back to the apartment, chilled for a bit, then changed and went to Avila beach instead for a chinese club beach bonfire party.
-It was alright, I met some new people, not enough for me to remember their names, but I tried to make small talk with them.
-Eventually, I joined in with Wilson and Vince; they were doing flips and tricks and stuff. I showed them the only thing I knew how to do... a Butterfly.
-The night got cold and foggy real quick. Totally random weather!
-We ended the night with shopping at Urban, eating Thai food and splurging at Powell's candy shop.
-I immediately KO'd when I got back to Kristine's

-Woke up early, showered, got ready, and packed my stuff.
-Chilled in Wilson's apartment. We were waiting for him to finish with his hw and stuff before we left.
-In the meantime, I went to talk to his roommate Connor. He's such a cool guy. I hope he doesn't think I'm weird. I asked for tips on guitar and stuff. Then we talked about majors and where we want to go and stuff. He's funny, he thinks that the girls in Sheena's apartment are hella weird. Other than that, he's nice and kind.
-We FINALLY left around 12ish... are lunch at Costco. Lol!
-Met up with Alyssa, Dinh and Kristine. I left the guys and went shopping with the girls instead. We went to Old Navy first, bought a bunch of stuff, then went to Forever 21. Omg... LOVE!
-Kristine and I bummped into the guys, as well as Thanh. Hella random!
-After splurging, we just went back to the apartments and got our bags and luggage ready, then it was time to go. Tearrrr.
-Vince drove back with Alex Tu while I went with Darren.
-3 Hours later, we got home and I went to visit Timmy, but then he told me to go home. MEANIE. Lol. jk.

SLO was such a fun trip. Kind of stressful, but it was nice seeing everyone again. SOLCAL next!

"I'm HELLA Stoked"

Day 1: (9/03)
-Woke up at 7 and did some last minute packing.
-Met everyone a chez Darren
-Drove to Vince's house (which is like on the outskirts of San Jose)
- Went to Gilroy to get gas and food. Switched drivers then headed off.
-6 hours later... LA!
-Hotel check-in
-Korean BBQ
-Met 4 new people; Jennifer, Tai, Christine, Calvin
-Billiards + Pearl Drinks + Fortune Telling. Keke
-Back to the apartment, freshened up and KO'd
Photocredit: Darren
Photocredit: Alex N
Day 2: (9/04)
-Woke up early and got ready.
-Left the apartment around 11
-Went to LAX to pick up one of Vince's friends; Will
-Dropped them off at the Staples Center.
-Walked around LA Live in the day time... SO HOT!
-Chilled for about an hour, then went to UCLA
-Wait! Before that, we went to Angel's Knoll where 500 Days of Summer was set at!! I sat on the bench! Kekekekekekekekeke
-Ate at Noodle Planet (YUM!)
-Shian gave us a tour of her Ginourmous school, UCLA. SO FRIKEN NICE
-Diddy Riese apres. Ice cream sandwich heaven!!!
-3rd Street Promenade in LA = Santana Row over here.
-Awesome Street performers + Shopping at Santana Row. Keke.
-Back to the Apartment, Picked up Vince then Headed to Arnold's frat house party
-It was an okay party, it was kind of dead since we arrived a few hours after everyone left.
-I met 3 more guys; One was John, Andrew and I think the other was Chris?
-Searched for Alan's frat house. SO NICE!
-Back to the apartment and KO'd
Original Bench!
Photocredit: Alex N
Photocredit: Alex N
Day 3: (9/05)
-Woke up and got ready to go to Knotts Berry Farm
-Knotts!!! Roller Coasters + Food + Lemonade Icee. Yum
-Back to the Apartment to change and get ready
-ISA!!!! We saw Ted and Wes before the concert
-It. was. so. Effing amazing!
-Chilled around after and got free stuff. I bought 3 tshirts.. Keke.
-Went back to the apartment to put away stuff and change
-Met 2 of Alan's friends; Eva and Rebecca (both from Otis)
-Ate at Jerry's at like 1 or 2 in the morning.
-Back to the apartment and KO'd.
The Venue
The View from out seats
AJ Rafel with a few Special Guests
Poreotics. Photocredit: Vince
Quest Crew. Photocredit: Vince
Cathy N
WongFuProductions! Philip, Ted, && Wes
Jay Park!
Day 4: (9/06)
-Woke up, packed the car and cleared out the hotel.
-Ate Lunch at Umemura. SO FRIKEN DELICIOUS!
-Met up with Rebecca and her friend Shannon
-Shopping at Westfield while the guys went and did their things.
-Forever 21 <3. I bought 4 things there.
-Ate food, walked around, tried on heels and chilled
-Met up with the guys
-Curry house for dinner!
-Karaoke!!!! So funnn. My voice sounds terribleeeeeee
-HomeBound!! KO'd the whole ride home.Thank you Alex Tu/Darren/Alan/Vince for driving us home!!!
-Arrived home at 7 AM on Tuesday.
I believe this is an & sign.. But it looks like a 3! My fvorite Number!!!