As you all probably know by now, I went to Halloween Haunt. My experience? It wasn't too scary, but it was still super fun. Here's the story:
     Friday... Carpooled with Clarice and John to school. Bleh at math. After class, Clarice and I met up with Allan, Alan, and Josephine in the school library to do HW together. Actually.. Allan was supposed to go, but he didn't. Anyways, we got some homework done.
     I dropped off Clarice, then I dropped off John and headed to The Stanford Shopping Center for my Appointment with Apple. It was a pretty good wait this time (only because I made the right appointment. Lol!)
     When the guy called me up, he brought out the beautiful new battery case for my macbook and put it on. Omggg. Paying for it was a pain! Lol Jkjk, he actually gave it to me for free! I dunno why though. It really was going to cost about $28, but he said I don't have to worry about it. Nice guyy! Apple is probably just trying to get rid of those old battery cases or something, that's why. 
    Anyways, traffic on the way home. Blehhhh. Eventually, Chris Vu came over and we talked. Sorta. I'm so mean to him. Buahaha. He brought me back to my childhood with those super old school songs. After he left, I cleaned up.. a bit.. Then went to shower. 
     After I showered, my mom asked me to drive somewhere to drop off something, so I rolled down the windows and blew dry my hair that way! So awesome. It stayed straight down! hehe. When I came home, I chilled a bit, then got ready for Halloween Haunt!!!
     It's really funny texting someone you don't know. What do you say to them, really? Lol. I feel like I know this girl pretty well from just a few text messages. Okay, so.. At the last minute, Allison wanted to go, so Patty had to ask her friend to get us discounted tickets. So I was texting her friend about the plan, which is to go to the employee locker and get the ticket, but leave the money. 
       So I picked up Sabrina, talked and sang some Wicked in the car, Picked up Allison, Jarmin and Katelyn, talked and sang some more Wicked in the car, then went out on a frantic search for the employee parking lot. 
                                     IT TOOK FOREVER TO FIND!!!
      But once we got there, we went on ANOTHER frantic search for "post 4". Yeah.. it took us about 10 minutes to find it.. I felt like we were on some burried treasure TV show... obviously, we wouldn't win. Lawls. 
     So we got everything, then zoomed to the real parking lot, everyone pitched in to help pay for the toll fee, then we found patty and parked. Yaya!
     When we got in, we immediately walked through scare zone 1. It was pretty scary at first. Bianca clung on to me like no tomorrow, lol. Our first ride was top gun. It's so much better at night! The guy that was there doing all the saftey talks was hella energetic! I gave him a high five. Lol. 
     After Top Gun, we then went through Scare Zone 2. Our first maze was Corn Stalk! It was kind of scary, only because people keep popping up out of no where. It was also pretty long. 
     Apres, we ate, then we went to Toy House. That was pretty interesting. There was a girl holding the chucky doll that scared me, I swear, she called my name! (in the end, I found out that it was Lisa Ryland. LOL!)
     We then loitered around for a bit, went to Grizzly, people were high and drunk and whatever. 
     Then, scare zone 3. Played some games, I won a special prize! :D Kekekekekekekeke. Scare zone 4, chilled and waited for Patty and Sabrina to meet up with us again (they played some more games). OMG! When they FINALLY came, Patty brought back this small stuffed animal... while Sabrina brought back this ENOURMOUS PIKACHU! Lololololol! Hella funnyyyy. We just kind of chilled for a bit, then went to Club Blood, then went homeee. 
     I had to shove that friggen Pikachu in my car. So hilarious. But Anywaysss, I had such a great time/experience. I felt so appreciative that I didn't really know how to respond. Everyone keeps offering to pay me back and stuff. Lol. I'm so thankful that I got to chill with these people. Such a great time. 
     I didn't get home till 1.. didn't sleep till 2. It's so worth it!
-Carpooled with my cousin John
-8:30-9:20 > PreCalc with Clarice!
-9:30-11:20 > Break. Found the guys in the library
-11:30-1:15 > PoliSci. Katherine is in this class!
-1:20-2:20 > Break. Curly fries with Albert!
-2:30-3:20 > English. Hella funny teacher
-Drove Albert home.
-6:00 > TA Meeting at Colleen's place. Thanks Babe for coming with me, again.

-Carpooled with John and David. We were late to school because of... AHEM... babe. ;]
-Precalc again. My teacher has such a heavy russian accent! I can't understand her!
-11:00-1:30 > Accounting with Clare! We got out an hour early. This teacher is pretty funny also.
-Book shopping with Clare. Ughh, 2 books cost me more than $200! ouch.
-Drove Albert home.
-Waited for Timmy to come over. PIZZA NIGHT! Well.. at Wingstop instead. NOMNOMNOM.
-Chilled for a bit with Akash, Alan, Vince, Timmy, and Albert. Then went home.

-Carpooled with John, Darren, Albert, and David
-Precalc... yup, nothing important anymore.
-Break, JAMBA JUICE with Kevin, Albert, Darren, and Alex N. Very Filling.
-Lunch with Albert
-Drove everyone home.
-I don't remember what else I did... I think I did homework with Timmy.. I'm not sure though.

-Carpooled with John, Vince and David.
-Break. Met up with Patty, Kevin and Clare (who helped me with Accounting hw. THANKS!
-Accounting. Got out slightly early today.
-English. I have a rough draft essay due on Tuesday!! bleh.
-Cotillion dress rehersal practice at Crown Plaza! Everyone was late, but practice went pretty well. 2 more days!
-Met up with Babe, Nikko, and TK. Went to TapX to chill.

-Carpooled with John and Clarice.
-Only one class for todayyy.
-Dropped off John at home and went to Target to buy makeup with Clarice.
-Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Yum! We got the pasta. it was spicy..
-Did some hw at Clarice's while enjoying our pasta.
-Went home. Did my nails while watching the Office.
-Got my eyebrows Threaded. Keke.
-Went to CVS to print out some pics for the collage for Jen.
-Met up at Lorraine's and worked on the collage. I had to leave like 3 times to buy another frame, and to drive people places.
-Cup o Noodo for dinner!
-It took us 6 hours to finish it b/c
1. Not enough pics
2. Not enough money
3. Missing various things.
Good thing I brought my scrapbook drawer.
-Finished at 10:30 with Lorraine and Allyson remaining left
-Busy Busy Busy week... Bleh!