Okay, I'm not sad. I'm actually more mad and frustrated, which is causing tears to come out of my eyes. But whatever. "I'll be fine". I always will be eventually anyways.
     I don't want to go to school like this... 
Sorry, today, I'm just really tired and uninspired to blog. 

Good things today:
-Starbucks walk with Clare
-I need to get a 62/100 on my midterm to pass with a B

Other than that, no other inspiration. I don't know. I've just suddenly become sad. I don't know why. I'm all gloomy.

Je n'ai pas envie de bloguer. Une vague de tristesse m'envahit comme par magie.
     I haven't blogged much. My life isn't that interesting to read. I've come across the flu/fever/cold recently so I am currently trying to fight through it. I really wish I had some OJ and Soup, unfortunately, I have neither, but I must bare with what I have. 
     So yesterday, I got really sick. When I got home, babe made me sleep. I slept for about 6 hours, although I kept waking up or tossing and turning. Dry/sore throat, sniffles, coughs, fever. Bleh. So yeahh, I just stayed in bed the entire time and slept with Babe. At 10, Babe left. I was going to go back to sleep, but I needed to study. I ended up just doing some math homework. Around 12, I took 2 nyquils and knocked out till 7. 13 hours of sleep!
     I have no Idea how I made it to school. I still felt doped up and out of it, but somehow I managed. Math class was Ehh.. After Math, I went straight to the library and began to vigorously study. Did I mention that my voice was completely gone? Anywho, Clare came and studied accounting with me. Shortly after, Pats, Darren, Albert and Vince came. 
     At 11, I had my accounting midterm. I think I did fairly well on it. I'm hoping that I did well... I feel like I did better this time than the last midterm. Not to the point of getting 100%, but enough to be able to drop the midterm I took last. I finished my midterm in an hour, then I went back to the library to prep for my inclass essay.
     I basically wrote my essay on post it notes and stuck it in my book. Lol! When I took my in class essay, I got 3 paragraphs down. Only my last body paragraph plus the conclusion and I'm done! Yaya! I hope I do much better on this essay! I'm definitely more prepared. 
     Now I'm home. I think I'll go catch up on math hw. Math midterm on Thursday! I can't believe finals are next week! WINTER BREAK afterwards. Yay! Anyways. HOMEWORK timeeee



I'm eating this fried "taro" thingy that my mom gave me. It's delicious, no lie, but I feel like it has an extreme concentrated amount of oil and grease and fat. Maybe it's just my taste buds? I'm getting full and nauseous by the thought of it. Meh, why does good food = unhealthy food?
Whenever I'm bored, I got on Facebook and I look at all the things that flood my dashboard. Eventually, I begin to click, click away. You click on a friend's face, maybe go and look at their pictures, then you recognize someone else in those pictures and click that, which leads to their page. Eventually you've done so much clicking that you find out so much out people within this 5 minute time frame. It's interesting. Sometimes I click on people whom I don't know, hoping that they didn't block their page, because I'm weird like that. But when they do block it, I restart at the beginning, at my dashboard and begin to click away once again. 

Then I start to feel like a creeper and stop. 

Facebook is interesting. Facebook is also in my computer's dictionary... That's not weird. 

I feel



A sense of displacement in a way. It's ridiculous, I know, but maybe, just maybe, that green eyed monster is out for the one who steals the spotlight. But I have to remember to stay positive and say positive things, because eventually, I'll believe what I say. 

I also apologize for saying mean things about other people. I'm sorry and I'm learning. I need to remember to not say anything when I don't have anything nice to say. I only say it in the heat of the moment because it makes me feel better about myself for a bit, but the aftermath makes me feel pretty shitty. I also need to remember that I shouldn't say such that doesn't effect (affect?) me. 

I also need to stop complaining about my life. 
-About how hungry I am b/c there's starving children in 3rd world countries.
-About how I have no money to spend because others are less fortunate than I am. 
-About how unpretty I am because I'm tired of saying that I'm not pretty and hearing people's comments about how I am. 
-About how sleepy and tired I am because that's usually an excuse meaning "I don't want to talk to you, stop bothering me".
-About how shitty some pictures look like because I, myself, do not own a camera, therefore I have no say. 
-About school because I'm lucky to be able to afford school and get an education. 
-About my cell phone lagging because I am fortunate to even have a phone to begin with. 
-About my family because we all get along well in this household
-About the stuff that I don't have and but want because I am a spoiled child
-About people because they do no wrong to me
-About not having anytime to do anything because I have a crapload of time, I just don't manage it well AND because there are children in Uganda that are literally being abducted and forced into killing people (Invisible Children), they don't have the opportunity to be a child and have a life anymore. 

Wow, I've never really realized how much I complain on a weekly basis. Gosh, why doesn't anyone tell me I'm annoying? 

So what have I learned today?
-Stay Positive
-Stop talking about people
-Stop complaining about my life

Time to sleep. Good night. 
I finally uploaded my cakepops pics! 
-Ate at Subway for dinner. 
-Supersmash party at Alex N's house with Alex, Vince, Timmy and I. Plus Alan

-SenDai with Jenjen
-Learned to drive stick. Got to thirdgear!
-I got to pick up Allyson in Jen's car. Keke
-Went to Sierra to stargaze and talk. <3
-Met up with Jen's guys. Went to Marshroad. So funny yet somewhat scary
-Jenjen Drifted! It was fun yet also scary. 
-Back to Sierra <3. Saw remnants of a proposal "Be My GF?" In GlowSticks. It was so cute! Sighh, memories :D
-Nightmare on Elm Street with Rochelle, Jen, Axell, and Chris. HELLA SCARYYY. I didn't want to sleep no matter how tiring that movie made me feel...
-Talked to babe, then KO'd. 
-Surprise Visit from Babe at school!
-Lunch with Timmy's 2 friends. Double Date at Chipotle!
-Went home and KO'd for 5 hours
-Talked to the BF for a bit, then KO'd again

-Did some homework
-Went Bowling at 9:30 with Bob, Akash, David, Alex N, and Erie. 
-Surprise Visit from Babe! 
-Drove Erie home

-ColorBelt test! Little Dragons are so cute!
-Pepper lunch with Kim and Jenann <3 I missed them so much!
-Drove Kim home. Talked to Jenann, Randy, Kat and Allan Dale outside of the studio. It's so nice catching up with everyone. 
-Band Competition at James Logan Highschool in Union City. Good job Band!
-Went home around 10ish, chilled at the HS till 11
-FT date with the bf <33

-Lunch at China Chen with the family
-Did some hw
-Napped for 2 hours
-Dinner; Steak!
-More hw
-Cleaned room and updated music and such.

stolen from kelly toy
Today was a good day. It started off with the weather being chilly, with clear skies. I walked to Darren's house and made it just in time as Albert came biking through. Next, 237. Traffic was BLEH, but OMG! This lady made eye contact with Darren and waved him in to cut in front of her. INCEPTION. No friggen lie.  We were so blown away. 

In Nicky's class, we did the step forward, step back exercise. I love that exercise. Basically, he brings the whole class out to stand on the football field. We all stand on the 50 yard line, being equal and such. Then we start stating statements to the students and if it applies to them, they have to step forward or step back. It shows how some people have it easy in life, and how some have it hard. Our ancestors worked their asses off to provide for their family, some got lucky and gets all this inheritance, but many, not so much, they actually inherit their family's debt, which makes them step back further and further. When I did this exercise, I actually was somewhere in the middle. Fun exercise. I think I blogged about it when I did it! It took me forever to find it, but here's the post! 

It was my Dad's bday today. Happy Birfdays dad! 3 Pizzas + the whole family (even with my sister) + Grandma + Babe. It was enjoyable I guess. We didn't really talk much, but that's a usual in the household. Honestly though, if you think my family is hella bad at communicating, my cousin's families are much worse. It's so sad. 

I almost Broke 100 today while bowling. So CLOSE! 

Babe taught me how to bowl all fancy-like and everything. My first try, I got a strike. Yeah yeah! He thinks I'm hustling him, but I'm actually not. I just got really luckyyyyy. Even with bowling with my left hand. Lawls. I have such an unorthodox way of bowling. I love bowling, it's so much fun! :D

Went to Quickly's with babe. We watched a bunch of familiar korean music videos and talked about them/critiqued them. Babe! Let's get a vespa if we ever get married, like in You and I. :D Hahahaha. jkjk :P

On a side note: My grandma looks so cute when she smiles. She was smiling at babe because I was putting all the pizza meat on his plate. She made a comment and smiled. 

Good day today :D