OMG! Today was such a busyy dayy!!!

     I picked up John, went to Clarice's then headed out to school. Nothing important happened. On the way home, I saw an NSX! DROOLSSSS.

     Then, I dropped off John at home and headed to the Stanford Shopping Center for my appointment with Apple.

     So, once I got checked in, I waited for an hour before I got served... Here's the story...
     -I was just chilling in the back table, messing with the laptops and other random stuff waiting for the people to call my name to help me. So as I was waiting, I got to talk to this one lady who needed her macbook air to be fixed. I asked her when her time was and she said 12:30 and I told her that mines was at 11 and they haven't even served me yet!
     -I got so lucky though. So, one of the reps was gonna go help her, but she told them that I was waiting there first and I never got helped on. The thing was, when I set up my appointment, I accidentally signed myself under "personal shopping" instead of whatever else. Yeah.. Face. Palm. Oh well. She was nice enough to let me take her spot in the meantime.
     -So I got my macbook checked up on; They're gonna get me a new battery case! yaya!

     After that, I immediately went straight to Walnut Creek. Stupid GPS doesn't work so I had to use my phone. It was a nice drive. Walnut creek is like Stanford Shopping + Santana Row combined! It's a nice area. I got there around 1:30, but it took me about half an hour to find parking. Once I got parking, I stepped into the back of the super long line. It felt like it wasn't moving! Lucky for me, I got to talk to these 2 moms all the way up there, so that definitely killed time. So, after 2 hours, we finally made it to the front, but then, the lady told me that I had to buy a new book, specifically from Williams Sonoma. Facepalm.. So I just quickly bought a new book (which I'm so gonna return tomorrow or something) and got back in line, the ladies were nice enough to let me get my spot back.

     So finally... After 2 and a half hours of waiting, I finally got to meet Bakerella. I told her that she was like a celebrity and she said she liked my necklace. LOL! YAYAYAYAYA! So Happyyyyyyyy! What a good day this has been.

     The ride home was traffic free too! woots! When I got home, I just chilled, watched some episodes of Bones and cleaned my sister's room.

     I haven't recovered from the book signing yet... Ahh <3

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