9/15 (wed):
  • Chilled with babe
  • Hung out with Kim before she left for UCSD <3
  • Talked with Shian!
9/16 (Thurs):
  • Visited PCI!!! It's been soo long!
  • Dollar Milk Tea with Babe.
  • Cotillion Practice
  • Talked with Mit
  • Chilled with Wilson Yu for a bit.
9/17 (Fri):
  • 1st MHS Football game!
  • Talked on the phone with Patty
9/18 (Sat):
  • Played Baseball at MHS; Darren, Alex N, Alex Tu, Aaron, Elizabeth, and Benny VS Brian, Kenny, Thomas, Andrew, Albert, Vince and Me
  • BOGO at Jamba. Yumm!
  • Cotillion practice on a REAL legit dance floor.
  • Cousin's Bday

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