It makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that you're drinking, then you're gonna drive home. I don't care if your friggen buzzed, just don't do it. -_-. Really.
     I keep getting stressed out by school. So much to do! I feel as though I never have time for anything anymore. On top of school, I balance out my friendships as well and making sure I spend time with them. Anyways:

Wednesday was an insignificant day. Not much happened, nor do I remember anything special happen.

     Random pop quiz in math. We got to work in pairs; thank goodness for Josephine. 
     Clare is a lifesaver! She hella helped me out in accounting and got me pretty caught up. Accouting wasn't too bad either. 

     I made cake pops with Bianca! It took up from 4-10/11. Hecka crazy! Super fun, yet super messyyyy. 
    Bowling for a bit afterwards. I love to bowl, even though I'm bad at it...

     PCI graduation! <3
     Warrior Dash. So much funnn
     1 month with babe <333

     Halloween!! Did my essay all morning till 4, then got ready to go to Albert's
    We played some games, then chilled and ate some food, then dressed up and headed out to trick or treat. Fun fun fun.
     When we got back, we watched some TV then Albert put on this movie that makes you think a lot. Good movieee.
     Babe came for a bit, so I got to see him. Then Homebound!

sigh sigh sigh. School tomorrow..
     I ended up having no time yesterday to blog, since I got home around 4, chilled with babe till 6, napped till 9, and did hw till now. 

     So anyways. I've just been going through a lot of emotional stuff recently. It's not like me to be this way, but I guess that's what happens when you bottle too many things in. Eventually, the bottle overfills and it breaks or overflows, and that's what happened with me. I've been down these past few weeks, Tuesday was certainly my breaking point. Thanks to Patty, she rescued me and made me feel better and took me away to get my mind off of the stuff. 
     When I got home, babe came over and I told him everything. 3-4 hours of coversation, no conversation, crying, laughing, sleeping, listening to music, etc. It was nice getting it out, then getting feed back, because in the end, I realized that everything is okay. 

     The world is still revolving and it's not going to blow up. 

If you expected me to blog about what was wrong, you won't find it here. Just talk to me and maybe i'll tell you. Whoever you are. 
    I guess, if I have time to blog tomorrow, I'll talk about it something. Maybe. Iono. We'll see.
     Not because I'm a fucked up girl in this fucked up world. But because I'm tired of not being heard. 
     I want someone to be there, to listen to me for once, without a cloud of judgment or bias. Without their inputs or outputs, just a simple nod of acceptance and that you're still with me in my insane life. 
     For once, I just want to talk, and talk, and talk. No disturbances until I've gotten everything out on the plate. For once, I want someone to listen to what I have to say. Take it in. and just be there. A present body to keep my insanity in check. 
     I honestly would prefer talking to a stranger, someone who I have no real connection to. Someone who I would never see, hear, or speak to ever again. I wouldn't mind talking to a therapist either. Like I said, I just want to be heard.
     I don't know why I did, but I just did. Non stop tears streaming from my eyes. 
     I suppose it's from all of the pent up sadness, anger, disappointments in my life. Finally released. 
     This weekend has been pretty shitty for some reason. No matter how great I made it sounded, I feel like it was shitty. 

     Well, you know what they say, The ones that smile the most are the ones that are sad the most. 
     I hate crying. Why can't I just stop? I'm like a friggen broken faucet right now. 
     School! It started to sprinkle. Clarice freaked out. I was amused. Lol!
     Chilled at home for a bit. Cleaned the bathroom. Sort of cleaned my room. 
     Met up with Patty at Vfair. Pretzels and Lemonade! Pee break at Nordstroms
     Santana Row. Beiber tickets! 'Nuff said. Not for me though, for Patty and Sabrina.
     Picked up Sabrina. Pranked her. Priceless. 
     I picked up Bianca and Diane. We got lost. Boiling Crab!
     The wait was 1h30mins so we went back to Patty's. Went back to boiling crab. Met up with Allison, "Cherokee", Christie, Troy, and Katelyn. 
     I'm a messy eater... Crawfish and clams! Next time I'll order the shrimp. Nom nom!
    1hr later. Chilled outside, took some pictures. fun fun. 
     Went back to Patty's picked up my car. Went back to vFair to chill. 
     Bought a LOVE necklace at F21 and some Starbucks. Lots of talking went on. Future plans for black friday shopping and roadtrips!
     Drove Sabrina home. Went home. Txt'd babe. KO

     Woke up. Cleaned the room. Watched some Bones. Took care of Wayne. Went to the Milpitas Community Center's Halloween Haunted house event at 5:30. Watched Wayne play some games, win some candy, decorate a cookie, pick out a pumpkin, wait in line for balloon animals and eat popcorn. Fun!
     SJS VS EDM! 6-1 EFF YEAHH! <3
     I haven't had time to watch a Sharks game this entire season. So Eff Yeahh!! From my tumblr

EDM: J. Eberle (1st)

SJS: D. Heatley (1st)

       L. Couture (2nd)

       J. Pavelski (2nd)

       R. Clowe (3rd)

       D. Boyle (3rd)

       J. McCarthy (3rd)

     Dad bought a fish from Lucky 7, then sped all the way home just to put it in the pond. LMAO! 
     Did some grocery shopping to make some Chinese Chicken Salad. Went over to Maggie's house, had dinner (yum! Hotpot!) then got some ingredients from her. 

     Polisci was fun. My reading notes group wasn't too bad.
     Met with babe after school. Him and Nikko almost made me late for my meeting! I had to buy drinks so we sped over to NobHill, I ran inside, got some soda and juice, then quickly paid and ran out of there. We still made it there early. FacePalm. Lol!
     Good discussions today. I got to talk to Sonny a lot. Very enjoyable convos with her. 
     Went home, chilled with Babe for a bit, then went to bed.

     Vince drove today. I left my car at Darren's so Timmy could borrow it. School was okayyyyy. I got a C on my ACCT midterm... Not bad.. I guess. lol! I thought I failed, but I didn't. We watched a Michael Moore movie in english. Very educational and amusing. 
     Babe came over, then I quickly got my stuff. Then we went to Ohlone to drop him off, I took the car and went to Starbucks. Ordered the usual and got some homework done... Finally! Lolol. I sat next to a kid there who KO'd so badly. His dad came up to him and whispered to him that his hair was on fire and that he had to wake up to put it out. That didn't work. Then he gently slapped the kid's face and kept moving his head for the next 5 minutes... Then he finally woke up and acted like nothing happened. Lol! Funny. 
     Timmy met me at Starbucks, then we went to Jo-Anns but didn't buy anything, then to Pizza Night. OMG! MM's doesn't have that 50% pizza on Tuesdays anymore! So lameee! We waited till everyone came, then we left to go to In N Out. Fun fun fun. We played truth, dare, or make it dirty with the guys. hehehe. 

     Nothing much happened at school.
     When I came home, Timmy surprised me and took me out on a date to Santa Cruz. It was so nice, no one was there. We walked around Boardwalk. He made me cross those friggen train tracks! Facepalm... We got to walk along the shore and did a mini photoshoot. It was enjoyable. Then... Timmy spent friggen 20 bucks in the arcade, on accident. So we were there for an hour racing on Initial D, dancing on DDR, and playing random ticket games. We ended up getting prizes for Timmy's little brothers. So cute!
     Then we went to the pier and ate dinner at this restaurant. The food was Meh... but the company was great. Timmy was having such a lucky day, after a crappy morning of course, because we didn't have to pay for parking at the boardwalk AND at the pier. Hecka sweet! 
     So we drove back home, got lost a little, then chilled at my house for a bit.
     Math Midterm! I hope I did well!!!
     I got my PCI coat and tickets today! I saw Serena so I got to talk to her for a bit. She gave me 6 baking magazines to look through! After that, I went back to school for English.
     When I got home, I chilled for a bit. Then babe came over and we ended up napping for a few hours. Then we woke up and talked... a lot. I told him a lot about myself, things that I would never tell ANYONE no matter how much I trusted them. It was weird telling someone things that I suppressed so deeply inside myself. It was difficult, but I got through it. 
     Thank you for listening babe, I really appreciate. 
     As you all probably know by now, I went to Halloween Haunt. My experience? It wasn't too scary, but it was still super fun. Here's the story:
     Friday... Carpooled with Clarice and John to school. Bleh at math. After class, Clarice and I met up with Allan, Alan, and Josephine in the school library to do HW together. Actually.. Allan was supposed to go, but he didn't. Anyways, we got some homework done.
     I dropped off Clarice, then I dropped off John and headed to The Stanford Shopping Center for my Appointment with Apple. It was a pretty good wait this time (only because I made the right appointment. Lol!)
     When the guy called me up, he brought out the beautiful new battery case for my macbook and put it on. Omggg. Paying for it was a pain! Lol Jkjk, he actually gave it to me for free! I dunno why though. It really was going to cost about $28, but he said I don't have to worry about it. Nice guyy! Apple is probably just trying to get rid of those old battery cases or something, that's why. 
    Anyways, traffic on the way home. Blehhhh. Eventually, Chris Vu came over and we talked. Sorta. I'm so mean to him. Buahaha. He brought me back to my childhood with those super old school songs. After he left, I cleaned up.. a bit.. Then went to shower. 
     After I showered, my mom asked me to drive somewhere to drop off something, so I rolled down the windows and blew dry my hair that way! So awesome. It stayed straight down! hehe. When I came home, I chilled a bit, then got ready for Halloween Haunt!!!
     It's really funny texting someone you don't know. What do you say to them, really? Lol. I feel like I know this girl pretty well from just a few text messages. Okay, so.. At the last minute, Allison wanted to go, so Patty had to ask her friend to get us discounted tickets. So I was texting her friend about the plan, which is to go to the employee locker and get the ticket, but leave the money. 
       So I picked up Sabrina, talked and sang some Wicked in the car, Picked up Allison, Jarmin and Katelyn, talked and sang some more Wicked in the car, then went out on a frantic search for the employee parking lot. 
                                     IT TOOK FOREVER TO FIND!!!
      But once we got there, we went on ANOTHER frantic search for "post 4". Yeah.. it took us about 10 minutes to find it.. I felt like we were on some burried treasure TV show... obviously, we wouldn't win. Lawls. 
     So we got everything, then zoomed to the real parking lot, everyone pitched in to help pay for the toll fee, then we found patty and parked. Yaya!
     When we got in, we immediately walked through scare zone 1. It was pretty scary at first. Bianca clung on to me like no tomorrow, lol. Our first ride was top gun. It's so much better at night! The guy that was there doing all the saftey talks was hella energetic! I gave him a high five. Lol. 
     After Top Gun, we then went through Scare Zone 2. Our first maze was Corn Stalk! It was kind of scary, only because people keep popping up out of no where. It was also pretty long. 
     Apres, we ate, then we went to Toy House. That was pretty interesting. There was a girl holding the chucky doll that scared me, I swear, she called my name! (in the end, I found out that it was Lisa Ryland. LOL!)
     We then loitered around for a bit, went to Grizzly, people were high and drunk and whatever. 
     Then, scare zone 3. Played some games, I won a special prize! :D Kekekekekekekeke. Scare zone 4, chilled and waited for Patty and Sabrina to meet up with us again (they played some more games). OMG! When they FINALLY came, Patty brought back this small stuffed animal... while Sabrina brought back this ENOURMOUS PIKACHU! Lololololol! Hella funnyyyy. We just kind of chilled for a bit, then went to Club Blood, then went homeee. 
     I had to shove that friggen Pikachu in my car. So hilarious. But Anywaysss, I had such a great time/experience. I felt so appreciative that I didn't really know how to respond. Everyone keeps offering to pay me back and stuff. Lol. I'm so thankful that I got to chill with these people. Such a great time. 
     I didn't get home till 1.. didn't sleep till 2. It's so worth it!