I haven't really been in the blogging mood lately. I guess I've just been too busy and overwhelmed with the amount of homework that I had to do.

Lucky for I, I finished ALL my math hw on Friday. Then I corrected ALL the Poli Hw and read 90 Pages for English today. I'm done with homework! All I really need to do is study for accounting and I'm solid. 

Hoyle graded my persuasive essay on Abortion on Monday (which I was totally freaking out about). He liked it so much that I don't have to write a final draft! Woot woot! I love my life. haha.

I feel so accomplished this weekend. I gots all my homework done and now I literally have nothing to do. I've been watching House and playing Plants Vs Zombies all day today. My mom thought I was messing around and not doing homework when HA, in fact, I finished all of mines!

Currently watching the sharks game. Sharks VS Lightning. It's Nittymaki's old team! Pressureee. jkjk. GAHHHHH. They friggen suspended Thorton for 2 game. EFF YOUUUU REFS. You SUCK!!! 

Current score: 2-1. 4 mins left in the 1st period. LET'S GO SHARKS!!!! <3

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