I just feel like a puppy who's always being scolded. I don't know what to do, because everytime I think I'm doing something right, I always get shut down and pushed away. What the fuck do I do? 

Do I stay positive? Do I rant with you? Do I change the subject? 

Like honestly, I'm trying my best right now to be the best fucking girlfriend ever. But it's hard. And it clearly doesn't help when you don't really communicate with me. I'm trying to make you feel better, but clearly it's not working. I'm just, so, goddamn frustrated right now. 

You tell me what to do, and like a puppy I listen. But you never take what I say into consideration. That's not fair, but who said life was?

GODDAMN. Fuck the world. Right now, I just want to go out to the park and walk around, or maybe even walk around fucking Milpitas. I can't even sleep anymore. But I know if I do that, you're gonna yell at me, the cops are gonna yell at me, I might get attacked or whatever. 

Can you, or someone just tell me the answer, so I can be happy again?

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