Alright, I'm really tired so I'll just give a breakdown of the things I did today...
-Go To School
-Buy Culinary Shoes
-Oovoo with Eugene
-Go to Valley Fair with Darren and Alan Hsu
-Go to Great Mall with Darren and Alan Hsu
-Saw Alex N and his GF
-Saw Alex Tu and his GF
-Saw Jesse and Christ Young
-Bought new Grey VANS
-Went to the "dojo"
-Waited with Kim while Allan Dale sparred
-Went to Macaroni Grill around 8:30 PM
-Ordered Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli
     Yuup. That's the main breakdown of my day. I'm oovooing with Eugene but I'm going to sleep soon. I got to drive Kim's Celica by the way. Hecka smooth!

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