I GOT MY HAIR STRAIGHTENED! It cost me 5 hours and $170. Well... More like 4 hours. They finished my hair quicker than Kim's. I guess 5 minutes really does make a difference. So this is the breakdown of getting hair straightened; wash, blow dry, chemicals, wait, wash, blow dry, straight iron, chemicals, wait, wash, chemicals, wash, blow dry, DONE! The most painful part was getting my hair straightened. The lady who did it was yanking my hair down! Ouch!
     After the hair process, I finished first so I left and went to Target to buy LIFE and gift bag stuff for Bianca. I went home, put together the gift and cake and I was about to deliver it to them, but they had already left Milpitas. NO...
     Instead, I headed off to school for the football game so I can watch the band perform. Sadly enough, I had to park all the way at the front of Pomeroy. I power walked my way to the gates, paid the $6 and joined the alumni. I think they were all surprised to see my with my flat hair. Lol. When the band performed... they were... uh.. okay I guess. Just needs more work. We chilled and stuff after that until it was over. We also chilled some more outside of the band room and eventually all went home.
     I'm hecka tired right now. Last day of work tomorrow! Yes? I'm kinda excited and kinda sad at the same time. But after that, I'M FREE!

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