This morning, Darren and I hit every possible Bay Area Traffic... We left Milpitas around 7:30 AM. We headed off to Costco to get some gas. After getting gas, we decided to continue on 680 to go to school. It was a nice smooth ride until we hit traffic. It was seriously Stop and Go traffic. So annoying. After about half an hour, we finally made it to 880 Oakland. We took that exit. We were seconds away from hitting the 880 traffic, but good thing I spotted the Steven's Creek exit. That exit redirected us to Valley Fair and Santana Row. If only we didn't have class. By then, it was 8 AM and I had half an hour to go to class. We weren't sure which way to go so I called up Patty and she told us to make a U-turn, but she wasn't sure so she said she'll call us back. We made that U-turn, but then hit Falafel's Drive In so we decided that it was the wrong way, so we made another U-turn and kept driving down Steven's Creek. We finally made it to De Anza. Of course, I was 20 minutes late for class. I'm glad we didn't get lost or anything though. That is the LAST time any of us will take 680 to 280 to 880 to De Anza...
     In the meantime, I'm chilling in the library. Kevin gave me the Fame Soundtrack so I'm listening to it right now. I'm absolutely in love with Asher Book's voice.
Asher Book

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