For Darren

     De Anza was boring as usual. After, I went to Blake's pad and we played Halo ODST until Sky woke up. I got motion sickness so I had to stop. The guys stopped playing a few minutes after. Blake made us some delish pancakes. It was super filling though, no lie. We just chilled, then Blake and Sky had to go to work so I ended up leaving. I got back in Milpitas, filled up gas, then went to Wilson Yu's place to pick up my orders. I still need my black jacket! Rawr. It's cool though. Let's see... I took Wilson to the new Quickly's. The burnt my thai tea and they didn't sweeten his green tea. He's such a bitch! He told the lady and she fixed it for him, but then the lady bitched at the girl who made the drink. I felt so bad for her. LOL. Then we went to school and I chilled with some bandies. Funfun. Rockband tonight!! Hell yea!I need to clean my room!
     Oh! Before I forget, I finally found someone who has the same odd music interest as me. Blake! I was looking through his Ipod (he let me) and he has A LOT of similar songs like me. Shocking! Okay, that's all I wanted to say...

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