Quicky blog, then Imma sleep;
     Donald is so friken quiet. GRR. I made a new friend in Trig. His name is Jimmy and he copies homework from me. LOL. We walked together after class and we got to talk, not about trig. He's pretty nice. I think THAT'S Allan Dale's friend. I'm not positive. I'll ask tomorrow. Uhh...
     PCI! I think I have a plan, Imma go up to him and his friends tomorrow where they hang out at (outside the school) and introduce myself and talk to them for a little. I need to hang out with people MY age sometimes! Lol. We made Palmiers, cinnamon twists, pinwheels, spirals, and apple turnovers. Yum yum. I got out earlier than goat intestines, but it's alright. Hoprefully I won't chicken out on my plan tomorrow. Hopefully...
     I dropped off some food at karate, then I went to Mountain Mike's for Pizza Night!! Yumyum! We got Club Chicken. It had hella bacon on it! Bleh. Oh wells, I finished my 4 slices before any of the other guys did. SCORE pour moi! Hehe. Alan and I stopped by Darren's house to drop off some goodies then I went home.
     I finished Trig hw pretty fast. I'm somewhat getting it. I'm only getting stumped on a few problems. After, I then rewrote my PCI notes. I don't have time to do Trig notes. Not enough time! Ughh. Alright, bed time. I'm beat!
10/27/2009 08:22:44 pm

Jeessiicaaa you're sooooo obsessed it's sooooo funnah! haha


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