This is my first official Black Friday shopping day. Wilson Picked me up around 7, along with Albert and we went to the Great Mall. We met up with Darren and had Chipotle's for breakfast. I got a free bowl! I don't know why though, the guy was like "It's on the house!" Lol. He's pretty cool, he gave us free chips and salsa. We stayed at Chipotle's for an hour. Alan also met up with us. It was nice. After, Alan and Darren went home to sleep so Wilson, Albert and I walked around the mall and went into the new Forever 21. It's HUGE! (that's what she said). I didn't buy anything though. It's alright, next time...
     We then went to Wal-Mart and then to Best Buys where Wilson bought an Itouch. I'm inspired to buy an Itouch now too! Mainly because it's cheapers AND you get a gift card along with it. Yay! Lol. I hope they still sell them because I want my sister to take me shopping, but she's sleeping now. Maybe I'll wake her up later or something.
     Anyways, my parents are going to go off partying/gambling. Maybe I'll clean the house again for their sake. My parents want to give me the beamer, but because it has leather seats, I'm iffy about it. I'd rather redo my room though, of course. I have so many plans for it, you don't understand.
     I am currently challanging Blake to something. I don't really know what it is, something with sarcasm. Now we're planning the punishment. LOL. Ok, our "prize" is going to be a date, Winner chooses where, Loser pays. I hope I win!!  Buahahahaha.

Eugene comes home in 20 days!!!

     I didn't get to write about my day yesterday! Quick summary:
     Went to Cousin's house to eat food. Watched 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Went home. Watched TV. Drove Blake over. Chilled and watched TV some more. Drove Blake home at 1 in the morning. Slept. That was mainly my Thanksgiving. The highlight would probably be chilling with Blake. Lol.
     The things I am oh-so thankful for:
     I am thankful that my current friends are my close friends. You know for a fact that these are the people who will stay by your side, the people that if you haven't seen in ages will still make conversation with you as if you saw them yesterday.
     I am thankful for all the good things that have been blown my way. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that my life has been drawn out for me. I'm not much of a drama person (anymore) and I'm glad that I've been staying out of BAD drama. It's not my thing anymore.
     I am very thankful for winning that PCI scholarship, without it, I would have second guessed my decision onto attending PCI. I also have made tons of new friends. Although we may not be super close towards the end, I'm glad that I've met them. PCI is just like another family to me. We all watch out for each other's back.
     I am thankful that Kim and Darren are my super close best friends, I know that you guys will be there to have the deepest conversations ever, although Darren will always accuse me of being pregnant. Excuse me? Have you LOOKED in the mirror recently Darren? Lol.
     I am also thankful for all my readers. Whenever I blog about the most boring/stupid/random shit ever, I'm glad that I still have people reading what I say. It makes me feel important in way.
     Lastly, I am thankful for my parents. For putting up with me constantly annoyed at them. They have given me everything I've always wanted. Although they get on my nerves almost everyday, it's part of growing up and being human. I know that they will always forgive me if I commit any wrongdoing. This is why I constantly want to clean. I want to make it easier for my parents. I want to clean the house so they don't have to worry about it, it's the least I can do for them since they provide me so much. They are my providers and without them, I'd surely be lost.
    Those are the things I'm thankful for. I have those little things in life too, but then this blog will be too long. Lol.
     I plan to do a lot of cleaning today. I like cleaning! I'm going to tackle that list that I wrote yesterday. I hope to get my car cleaned today. Hopefully it doesn't rain. My family is going out to eat Pho later. What should I wear? Pho makes your clothes smell bad...
     Right now, I'm talking to Eugene and Albert on meebo. I'm gonna Oovoo with Eugene later. I'm also talking to Blake about threatening my brothers to get them help me clean. My brothers don't care, really. Lol.
     Listening to Dance Gavin Dance, screamo for the win! Alrighty, camming with Eugene, so i'll blog later.
     It was nice playing rockband with the group for old times sake. We got up to 2 million fans! We also gold starred 2 songs and 5 starred a bunch other. I got flawless on one of the Rage Against the Machines song! Yes! It was all just spoken lyrics though, that's why.
     If you guys were wondering, I was texting Blake all night. I really enjoy talking to him. We get into these really deep discussions and everything. I hope he gets a job at where he externs at. Then he'll stay longer in San Jose. It's interesting because these were the last things we were talking to each other about;

J: It would make a really big difference
B: It would, I wouldn't mind a little more time to hang out with friends
J: yeaa of course. plus you still have the lease for a little longer
B: And it would make dating a lot simpler lol, yea, I don't know what i want to do anymore
     I find his last comment quite interesting. The part with the dating. I'm not gonna expect anything to come out of our friendship this time, really. Whatever happens, happens. I don't mind being his friend of course, we have the best convos ever. I think he fell asleep on me... Oh well. It's bedtime for mee too! (1:13 AM)
     I don't know how old or new this song it, but I love listening to this song!
     I'm such a typical girl... Not really




     The color theme for my [future] room will be [dark] blue and white. Yay! Hopefully I'll get to remodel it the way I want it to be.
     I got rid of a lot of clothes! I'm ready for a new shipment of clothing to come in. RIP Clothes, may your new owner treat you well. Memories. I found my missing Chef's uniform! FINALLY! My sister took it and held it hostage! (Not really). I reorganized my room a whole bunch. My bed is all nice and made, I wiped down my keyboard, tv, and table, my laundry is all put away. All I need to do next is:
  • Put away clothes that are out of season so I have room for new clothes
  • Throw out the trash.
  • Wash Clover
  • Rewrite notes for PCI and Trig
  • Do trig and french hw
  • Clean the house
     That's all I could think of at the moment. I'll blog more later. ROCKBAND?!
For Darren

     De Anza was boring as usual. After, I went to Blake's pad and we played Halo ODST until Sky woke up. I got motion sickness so I had to stop. The guys stopped playing a few minutes after. Blake made us some delish pancakes. It was super filling though, no lie. We just chilled, then Blake and Sky had to go to work so I ended up leaving. I got back in Milpitas, filled up gas, then went to Wilson Yu's place to pick up my orders. I still need my black jacket! Rawr. It's cool though. Let's see... I took Wilson to the new Quickly's. The burnt my thai tea and they didn't sweeten his green tea. He's such a bitch! He told the lady and she fixed it for him, but then the lady bitched at the girl who made the drink. I felt so bad for her. LOL. Then we went to school and I chilled with some bandies. Funfun. Rockband tonight!! Hell yea!I need to clean my room!
     Oh! Before I forget, I finally found someone who has the same odd music interest as me. Blake! I was looking through his Ipod (he let me) and he has A LOT of similar songs like me. Shocking! Okay, that's all I wanted to say...