I'm talking to Asher right now. He's trying to help me on trig but I'd say it's a lost cause...
     I had lunch with Jeff today! We went to TGI Sushi. They hella hooked us up, but they were rude to us when hella people started coming. Jeff was treating me out so he only tipped them like 2 dollars. LOL.
     PCI was hecktic today! It was our final. I got 100 though. Woot! I was so scared of my bear claws, but I guess it turned out fine. I just gotta work on the croissants. Friken Nancy brough a shitload of things for her presentation! Lol! I SHOULD do that, but it's too much work.. LOL. Maybe, maybe.
     I dropped off a bunch of food at karate, stopped by Darren's house. Chilled with him and Alan, and now I'm at home where Asher is helping me on hw. Friken Jimmy is at the gym. Ugh.

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