De Anza was boring. After class, I just chilled with Tiffany in the library. She kept talking to me as I was doing my hw... ANYWAYS. After I finished hw, I left pretty early and headed towards PCI.
     When I got there, I got changed and went to get my books and toolkit. The toolkit is HEAVY... kinda. It's heavy when your hands are all full of books and other stuff. So, I went to my class and 2 adult ladies were already there. Then the rest came in. We have a class of all Adult women except this one girl who I think might be my age. She's pretty quiet though so iono. I have too much hair. I had to redo my hat like a bajillion times! So frustrating...
    So my chef instructor is Chef Alex. He's lived in France for 12 years so he has this super heavy french accent. The good thing is that I can talk to him in french. Yay! Lol. Today, we just made the beginning of Rapid Puff Pastry and we made Shortbread cookies for the "Three Sisters" cookie. Which is where you take 2 cookies and spread jam in between them. You might also want to make a window in the top cookie so that you can see the color. It tastes hecka good! Yum! Lol. I like my class. We all work really well together as a team. Yea, it was just enjoyable overall.
     So after class, I had to go to the lockers to get my stuff, but I had way to many things to carry so I took 2 trips. So embarassing. On the second trip, I was kinda following this lady back to the locker, but then I was like, "Ughh I don't want to follow her like I'm a creeper, I'm gonna turn right at this corner." So I turn right, but then 2 steps laters I'm going the wrong way so I make a Uie and it looked hella funny. Then I "casually" look into the culinary arts class and I see this pretty cute guy looking at me. SO embarassing. The locker room was right in front of that class too! So when I got out, I just swiftly exited and didn't look into the class again... I'm such a dork...
     After PCI, I was going to go home, but then I decided to go to Karate to drop off some cookies. I'm obviously not going to finish it. When I got there, I originally didn't want to give OJ ANY. But then he "casually" went to the front desk to tell Shelby something. Then he looked in the box and started gasping so loud... Then I kinda HAD to give him some. FML. Oh well. After, I went to Darren's house and gave his family some cookies. Then Darren and I went to give Alan some cookies. We just stayed there and chilled. Then we decided to go to the mall. I had to take Darren to Nob Hill first so he could buy stuff for his mom. Then we went to the mall. We walked around, looked at stores, got hella job applications and bought Kernal POP. Then we went back to Darren's place and had some tacos/burritos. We were also watching the Hockey game. SJ SHARKS VS LA KINGS. Friken Sharks lost though! Ughh. My favorite hockey player is #44 - Mark Edouard Vlasic. Iono, he just reminds me of a pickle, that's why I like him. But friken Sharks! Hockey is basically the only sport I really like. I think I'm gonna be more of a hockey fan now. Definately.

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